Payag Ni Kuya: A place to unwind

Are you looking for a quiet place to do a layover this year 2022? Well, it seems hassle-free to do these days. All you have to do is to check Google Maps if you decide to create good memories in this specific serene site or if you want to escape the bustling metropolis to find peace of mind. Of course, you cannot even disregard Claveria, Misamis Oriental because this chosen location for this trailing adventure, for sure, attracts more guests every year. In this case, all you have to do is to pack your bags and head to your destination.

Payag Ni Kuya is a camping venue for everyone. This place is suitable for those family members who want to find new scenes for their family get-togethers or for those friends who wish to create exciting group activities, such as recollection and reflection sessions and team-building occasions. In other words, Payag Ni Kuya unquestionably is a good setting for those who want to be outdoors and those who wish to devote their weekends to let everything go.

Well, Payag Ni Kuya can give you a new place to relax. You can visit the site in Patrocinio, Claveria in Misamis Oriental. Aside from that, this camping site offers both meals and overnight stays for family members and friends. It, as well, is an impeccable place to perform some activities, such as social night outs, bonfires with colleagues, family members, and friends, camping settings, and other amazing events to do when you get there.

There can be so much more to do to unwind. Perhaps, you can call or send a text message to the management of Payag Ni Kuya at 0917-700-9309 for more inquiries and bookings. Just remember the place – Barangay Patrocinio, Claveria, 9004 Misamis Oriental. You can check the photos from Travelenture PH.

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Bansada Agri-Eco Adventure Park

Life is too short. You cannot even deny that fact using simple logic. It can be the hardest truth to accept it as true in looking at the inescapability of life – no permanency. This unbreakable truth tells you to consider and imagine the ephemerality of life in this world. So, what are you going to do? It is simple. You have to invest your time to be with your family members, relatives, and friends and find places where you can create memories to celebrate life.

As you celebrate life, you imagine the stimulating place where you think you have never been before. Somewhere in Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat, perhaps, you can find solitude at Bansada Agri-Eco Adventure Park. You can begin to paint a picture on your mind to create unforgettable memories, get captivated by the calm and soothing venue, and see the impressive sights. As you walk around the park, you can spot where you think you walk on a paradise as you peek at the inexplicable atmosphere or aura along with the panoramic view.

Now, your biological clocks tick. You just do not know what happens next. You, as well, do not know what to do next. You have to imagine and close your eyes to see the things around you. At least, you accomplish to enjoy yourselves and relive your experience at BANSADA AGRI-ECO ADVENTURE PARK. As such, you can celebrate life this time.

By the way, you can call the management of the tourist spot for more bookings and reservations. It is better to plan your adventure. You just need to dial their mobile phone dials at 0906-051-7056. What are you waiting for?

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Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park

Are you looking for a resort and, at the same time, an eco-park? Are you lost in finding one somewhere? Just stop it! You may, perhaps, want to visit Iligan Paradise and Eco-Park. With the nature-vibe aura of the resort, you can simply be in the minute to take selfies and unwind afterward. The quest for adventure, the grace that the resort offers, and the natural backdrop of the place give you the picture-perfect site for social media posts just to fill your timeline or the void.  

The COVID-19 pandemic subsides. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases drops, and many people choose to relax outdoors. Some people go to the malls; whereas, others try the beach and pool resorts. As you go with the flow, you, too, want to explore the outside world. After two years, you finally set your foot free. Now, you are in Iligan, Mindanao in the Philippines. Just take your time and then consider visiting the Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park.

Well, visiting Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park surely gives you a sense of pleasure. Its location is at the back of the School of Fisheries in Barangay Buruun, Iligan City. The place gives you the blue lagoon with its cool and refreshing pool waters. With its ₱50.00 (US$1) entrance fee and its ₱250.00 – ₱300.00 (US$5 – US$6) cottage fee, you can enjoy your pool water experience from 8 AM to 5 PM.

What are you waiting for? This is what you like in times like this when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, right? So, set your foot forward, pack your things, dive into the cerulean pool water, and breathe freely as you celebrate life.

How Online Jobs Help Filipinos Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic shocks the world by a storm of fear and scare. It affects business leaders, parents, and students who struggle to perform their daily tasks. As the COVID-19 pandemic strikes like wildfire, these concerned individuals, particularly professionals, have to confront the spread of the virus and its ramifications.

In the Philippines, young professionals struggle to survive emotionally and financially. They cannot find jobs that pay $8 a day, not an hour. If jobs are available across different private and public organizations, many have to compete with one another due to the bloated number of unemployed individuals.

Fortunately, many international companies are willing to help Filipino professionals. A famous website called Online Jobs – Philippines posts jobs daily to hire Filipino experts and specialists in their specific domain. These online jobs come from various types for Filipino professionals to choose from there. Aside from that, other websites, such as Remote Tasks and other online writing services, offer various services. As the market for academic and content writing plus technical services grows, young Filipinos can earn money to support their family members and loved ones.

As well, online writing companies and other companies that offer graphic design and program development sprout like mushrooms on the World Wide Web. These online writing groups help researchers and writers to stay connected to sustain their work. Instead of sitting down and waiting for miracles to happen, these Filipinos can beat the COVID-19 crisis.

Moreover, young Filipinos need to boost their graphic and web design skills, as well as their writing skills to find jobs online. The pay is good as you receive more than the private and public companies here in the country. Though you do not have benefits like those people who work from 9-5 jobs, you can earn more than they gain. You do not get the hassle of traveling and paying for your jeepney fare. If government leaders no longer care for young professionals, Filipinos need to find means and ways to survive.

Furthermore, the Internet is a blessing. It allows Filipinos to get jobs online without the hassle of getting stringent interviews for biased interviewers. In other words, the Internet gives them an avenue to search for jobs across the globe. With the power of the Internet, Filipinos can survive despite the pressing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the end, Filipinos can get several jobs online. They do not need to fall in line for job interviews. They do not need to experience the bureaucracies in job hunting and interviewing by biased interviewers. As long as these people know their writing and computer skills, they are good to go to work online. Many online researchers and writers now take the same path as the others, and many want to be part of the freelance world to get jobs as fast as they can. And yes, they may not have the healthcare and insurance benefits as others brag about; however, they all have the reasons to consider. In this sense, young Filipinos need to find jobs online and enjoy working from the comfort of the home.

Misamis Oriental as a province of Mindanao

Misamis Oriental is a province in Mindanao. It is in the region of Northern Mindanao. Local officials know Cagayan de Oro as the capital city in the province.

As well, this province is home to a variety of wildlife. Historians call it a marine sanctuary. It has a coastline nesting an endangered Marine Turtle. This province can be the best destination in Mindanao. It has coral gardens, as well. A few people can say that it has the best scuba diving site in the province, highlighting Duka Bay Resort in Medina as the center of attraction.

Additionally, Misamis Oriental has 23 municipalities. Also, it has component cities, such as Gingoog City and El Salvador City. It has two legislative districts subdivided into 424 barangays. Indeed, its prime city – Cagayan de Oro – is highly urbanized and independent from the province.

LUNA GIALLA RESORT: A resort like no other

Searching for exquisite resorts in Misamis Oriental is easy. You just have to check Google or Yahoo for its presence and click the link to bring you to its specific location. Boom! There you are. You are now on the Facebook page of the resort – Luna Gialla Resort.

What you see is what you get! It sounds cliché though; however, Luna Gialla Resort gives you more than what you ask. The architecture of its gazebos, the cool and refreshing cerulean pool waters, the Thai-vibe interior designs, the Bali-inspired views, and the overall auras bring you to moments of awe and wonder.

Well, you do not need to be speechless. Just speak up! You just need to ask for its amenities, learn its rules, and more. You can do whatever you want – taking photographs or selfies, strolling around the area, finding the picture-perfect spot for social media platforms, and what-not. What is on your mind? You just have to take your time to pause and relax. And, take a look at the photos of DOODZKIE CALDERON.

If you are planning to visit Luna Gialla Resort, you just have to contact the management ahead of time. Bookings and reservations are available; so here is the number to call 0997-963-0379 / 0927-643-6137. Jeez! I forgot to mention – Luna Gialla Resort is in Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental. 

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Bella Glee Gracia Highland Resorts

Months after the pandemic are your chances to expand, explore, and move around your rims. You do not have to stay at home forever. You just need to widen your regions and spaces to enjoy life. And yes, some people are right to say that life is short. If that is, you need to spend your time wisely and celebrate life.

Visiting Bella Glee Gracia Highland Resorts can be your wise choice for your next excursion. You can say it is near. It is located at Barangay Lunutan, Sitio Mahayahay in Gingoog City, and this resort gives you a welcoming experience with excitement and fun. As this location can be your venue to socialize with family members and friends, you cherish and fulfill your missed activities after the depressing pandemic.

Well, this place is perfection. You can tell that this perfect place will be for family members and friends. The ambiance is very relaxing. When you get a chance to find and choose your cottages, you get to have plenty of them to choose from. As well, the management of the resort properly maintains the area for more tourists.

For more information, please call/text this mobile phone dial: 0917-120-6463. You can visit the management of the resort through its Facebook Page:

Sapong Cold Spring: An exciting adventure

Finding another cold spring in Misamis Oriental can be an exciting hobby to make. You just need to plan for your next adventure and think of deciding factors to consider. After that, you just need to name more than a few cold springs on your list. Then, you need to weigh down your chosen cold spring that serves you best. Just by saying it, you need to visit Sapong Cold Spring to give you another glimpse of nature.

Well, Sapong Cold spring is a natural spring. The place receives support from politicians (names withheld) to restore the beauty of the site and to give people great locations for relaxation. The local government unit potentially sees the benefits of restoring Sapong Cold Spring for the public as more local tourists visit the place. With its nature-vibe location, you as a tourist surely keep on coming back for it.

Sapong Cold Spring in Tabok, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental compels you to consider its budget and location. Aside from that, it lures tourists to come. The presence of Sapong Cold Spring to the public is advantageous. People nearby can swim and enjoy. In the end, the calm morning weather, the cool breeze of summer and winter, and the serene experience of guests become the nucleus for family get-togethers and other social gatherings.

Indeed, Sapong Cold Spring accommodates local guests to come on various occasions. The natural spring, the location itself, and the relaxing cold water produce a good nature-vibe setting for those who want to find space and time to unwind. Please check other snapshots from the Travelenture PH photographer; of course, you love to see them.


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