Danao Coco Palms Resort: A venue to venture

The world keeps rolling despite the COVID-19 pandemic. It doesn’t stop right here and there regardless of the global cataclysm that strikes the world. In other words, no matter how difficult life is, we have to keep moving forward and plan for future activities. In doing this, we need to find the best place or venue to venture.

As well, planning to go to places after the pandemic seems the best decision to make. Danao Coco Palms Resort in Danao City, Cebu has been the best candidate due to its exquisite and sophisticated resort. We can set our plans for birthdays, weddings, and get-together parties, as well as business meetings and team-building group activities. For me, going to Danao Coco Palms Resort after the pandemic isn’t a bad idea after all. It is correct to plan our adventure during the busy and horrifying moments of the epidemic, so we will be ready to handle the exciting adventure. However, we cannot just wait any longer to feel bored waiting for the coronavirus to disappear. After this health predicament, we need to enjoy ourselves and take some time off to Danao Coco Palms Resort. In doing this, we feel relaxed.

A Pleasant View of Danao Coco Palms Resort in Cebu

Danao Coco Palms Resort in Danao City, Cebu seems the perfect candidate for venues demanding social events with water scenery. This resort then deals with some exhilarating landscapes and topographies. For example, guests and clients can request for some exclusive accommodations, event galleries and halls, pool waters, saltwater accomplishments, and the like.

Moreover, Danao Coco Palms Resort welcomes all clients and guests. It provides free Wi-Fi since connections are dependable and strong. The resort then offers services plus the beneficial minibars, refrigerators, and air conditioning units. Well, guests and other people who seek fun and enjoyment can take advantage of the facilities and services plus its 24-hour front desks, room facilities, and workshops. Guests can enjoy spinning and whirling in the pool and can eat hot and sumptuous breakfast at Danao Coco Palms Resort. Oh, we may not forget one thing. We can park our cars in their parking spaces. If we are from Luzon and Mindanao, we can go to Danao Coco Palms Resort by plane and then bus or taxi.

Danao Coco Palms Resort’s Exciting and Exquisite Accommodations

Oh lastly, we know the Facebook page of Danao Coco Palms Resort. We need to experience the best of Danao City and its beaches, restaurants, and resorts. The next escapade we make must be a perfect plan to go to Danao Coco Palms Resort. This resort gives an ideal spot and venue for team building and other outdoor activities as it gives the best package for the budget. For queries, we can call these mobile phone dials, such as 0927 115 6799; 0956 751 3217; 0922 992 4758; and 0942 072 8366. Or, we can visit its Facebook page.

See you there…

El Salvador Beach Front: A seaside to consider

One of the exciting things we always do is to find the best places for our readers. We have been searching for places for our readers to unwind after the pandemic. Of course, we have not been telling our readers to visit the place now. The COVID-19 pandemic has been shackling us to go to places we love to visit. It keeps us stay at home and lock ourselves somewhere.

Sometimes, we can feel the dull moments upon looking at the four corners of the walls at home. For some affluent people, they can check their TVs and turn their Netflix on for hours. For lower-income people like me or no-income at all due to this pandemic, we suffer the pain and the struggle to survive. We keep on thinking of going out to the beach resorts to relax, but we cannot do that. As a result, we keep on planning our excursion. After this pandemic, we surely cannot wait but take the plunge into the combo of cerulean and turquoise beach and pool waters. How about El Salvador Beach Front?

A Unique Pool Design Where You Can Dive Into It
El Salvador Beach Front Resort and Restaurant Offers

El Salvador Beach Front Resort is in El Salvador City. It is near Cagayan de Oro in which it is a shoreline close to home. The place is perfect for us who want to enjoy life as it is. We can imagine how wonderful it is to think to just dive into the water without thinking of the anguish and stress of the crisis at all. We can surely enjoy doing our stuff on the cool and refreshing waters plus the exciting adventures of meeting people in the area. Of course, we can have those food menus that the place waits for us to order.

Finally, what are we waiting for? Are we going to plan when the pandemic ends or are we going to set our plans now so that we can rush to the place when the pandemic ends? Which is better? Now, the last time you do is to think this – start now. Get your mobile phones and go to Google Maps. You know what to do, right?

P.S. You can visit the website of House of Java for El Salvador Beach Front Resort for more information. It has some exciting adventures and places to take your trips.

Isidro’s Beach Resort: A coastline to layover

Whether summer or not, going to Isidro’s Beach Resort has always been our local choice. Who is not going there anyway? The enchanting scenery of the beach and the people enjoying themselves in the sand captivate our spirits to take some moments to enjoy this once-in-a-while excitement and fun. Local tourists, also, understand that life demands delight and enjoyment, so they take their time off and plunge into the resonating splash of the beach, as well as pool waters. Now that COVID-19 has been plaguing the country and the world in general, we have lost our chances to take some time off meaningfully and to take plunges into the cool and refreshing waters. I mean we lost the joy of celebrating positivity because of the present situation. Regardless of our lack of time to visit some places where we used to, we remain at home and maintain physical distances with friends and relatives. However, we cannot ignore the endless possibilities of considering Isidro’s Beach Resort. It seems to ask us why not.

A Photo of a Friendly Dog at Isidro’s Beach Resort in Initao

Well, Victor Naïve Jr.’s website explores Isidro’s Beach Resort. He manages to post various photos about adventures on the sand beach. He simply attracts tourists whether local or foreign. This time if we happen to visit Initao, we must not forget to drop by the stunning Isidro’s Beach. It appears to be a walking distance from Midway Beach and Lasang Secret Adventure Park. It seems so exciting that Isidro’s Beach Resort is in Tubigan, Initao, Misamis Oriental. At this stage, we can say that we do not need to go to some expensive beach resorts. We just need to stay focused on the adjacent coastlines and sands that do not break the bank. Certainly, we can recall this. The last time we consider beaches and resorts must be those inexpensive ones, yet can offer us great experiences.

Budget / Expenses (Please check the pricing from time to time due to price change.)

– From CDO to Initao Bus Fare – from 60 to 70 Pesos

– Entrance Fee – 50.00 Pesos per Head

– Cottage – 150 Pesos

– Tent Pitching – 150 Pesos per Head

For reservation, please contact Ronald at his mobile phone dial 0917-728-8822. By the way, you do not want to miss Victor R. Naïve Jr.’s website. I tell you. You can get good information from him.


BoyGym. (2018). Isidro’s Beach Resort, Tubigan, Initao, Misamis Oriental. Retrieved July 23, 2020, from https://victornaive.com/blog/iligan/isidros-beach-resort-tubigan-initao-misamis-oriental/

Villa Arcadia Beach Resort: A seaside choice to try

Spending our special moments with family members and friends has always been our priority. With this global buzz of the coronavirus that constructs horrors and creates nightmares among others, we still have plenty of opportunities to celebrate life. We still have time to revel the gift of life that we survive from the horrifying virus on the planet. In this endeavor, we have so much fun to consider the white fine sand beach in Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental.

We surely are talking about Villa Arcadia Beach Resort. We are graced with delight and pleasure as we understand the miracles and wonders of the place. Besides, we will never run out of things to do at Villa Arcadia Beach Resort in Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. We can do plenty of activities that we love doing. For the public information, Villa Arcadia Beach Resort offers great accommodations, such as cottages, billiard tables, children’s playgrounds, mini-zoos, and KTV bars, as well as the snorkeling equipment.

A Man Walking on the Beach

Well, we can invite our friends to visit the place after the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t have to worry about the cottage charges and entrance fees. We can afford all of them since all of these are reasonably priced. It means that all charges are less than we expect. Now, if we plan to book ahead, we can send a message or call this mobile phone dial 0917 709 0937 or visit its Facebook page. It seems exciting to know that this beach resort gives us what we need – cool beach and pool waters.

A Picture-Perfect View of Villa Arcadia Beach Resort in Talisayan

What are we waiting for? We start setting up our plans now before we are too late to do it. Life is short. And so, we have to live our lives to the fullest.


BoyGym. (2018). Our Weekend Getaway at Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. Retrieved July 23, 2020, from http://victornaive.com/blog/talisayan/weekend-getaway-at-talisayan-misamis-oriental/

Image Credit

Victor R. Naive Jr.



Moving Beyond: Exploring a new-Earth planet

Our curious minds keep on asking whether or not we have companies in other solar systems and galaxies. We have known that Earth is the only planet in the universe to have human beings in it. However, the possibilities are endless. We can never know that mysterious activities and things may happen in the universe. And who knows?

Earth has been in the habitable zone in the solar system. In our solar system, we have known that we have numerous planets. We have only known eight big planets, such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. However, we need to know that we have Makemake, Ceres, Eris, Pluto, Haumea, and possibly more others. And yet, Earth is the only one, quite special and unique in the universe, due to its characteristics and features to hold and sustain life. As a result, some will stop thinking that Earth is the only habitable zone in the universe.

However, there have been plenty of habitable planets in the universe. According to research, there have been 40 billion potential habitable zones as recorded in 2013. Space scientists reported that 40 billion Earth-sized planets circumnavigating in the inhabitable zones of Sun-like stars and red dwarfs in the Milky Way. Additionally, 11 billion of these planets will orbit the Sun-like stars. Certainly, all these data reports are from Kepler space mission data.

A Photo of T01 700d planet in the Habitable Zone

Aside from Earth as the habitable planet in the habitable zone, other planets are candidates for human beings or any living creatures and organisms to live.

Object (Planet) Star
Earth Sun (Sol)
Proxima Centauri b Proxima Centauri
Gliese 667 Cc Gliese 667 C
Kepler-442b Kepler-442
Kepler-452b Kepler-452
Wolf 1061c Wolf 1061
Kepler-1229b Kepler-1229
Kapteyn b Kapteyn
Kepler-62f Kepler-62
Kepler-186f Kepler-186
TOI 700 d Cool M Dwarf Star

Now, NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has new studies. Based on TESS, it has revealed its first Earth-size planet in its star’s inhabitable region. The structure and the distances of this Earth-size planet seem perfect for the habitability criteria to have liquid water on the surface. Researchers and space scientists could verify that the habitable planet called TOI 700 d remains the potential environment to hold life.

NASA explores the concept of TOI 700 d to be the only a few Earth-size planets to appear in the universe. Further studies will deliver ideas and information of planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system via NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope.


Khan, A. (2013). Milky Way may host billions of Earth-size planets. Retrieved July 23, 2020, from https://www.latimes.com/science/la-sci-earth-like-planets-20131105-story.html

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Kazmierczak, J. (2020).NASA Planet Hunter Finds its 1st Earth-size Habitable-zone World. Retrieved July 23, 2020, from https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2020/nasa-planet-hunter-finds-its-1st-earth-size-habitable-zone-world

Moving Beyond: Finding livable exoplanets

Are there people like us in other solar systems in other galaxies in the finite universe? This question seems a contradiction to the Biblical point of view regarding the first man and woman in the world and the universe. To answer this question, we need to dig deeper and unfold the mystery of the universe.

Solar systems

Wikipedia provides us a clear meaning and estimate of a solar system. Experts and scientists define that a solar system is the gravitationally bound system of the sun and the planetary and space objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly. The largest objects that revolve around the sun are the eight planets. However, there have been other objects that orbit the sun. These objects are smaller ones known as the dwarf planets and small solar system bodies. Moreover, scientists estimate that there may be tens of billions of solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy, perhaps even as many as 100 billion. If this condition is true, then there will be many habitable planets for any living creatures to exist.


In the finite universe, scientists can estimate and project 200 billion to two trillion galaxies in the observable universe. Within these galaxies, there can be billions of solar systems. The largest galaxy in the universe is known as IC 1101, a supergiant elliptical galaxy at the center of the Abell 2029 galaxy cluster. This largest galaxy appears to be the largest known galaxies. However, scientists think that space astronauts or space travelers cannot travel to another galaxy. According to the present logic of physics, objects cannot pass through the speed of light within space-time. It would mean that people could not travel to any other galaxy since it would take millions of earth years through conventional space flight. Readers can think of different galaxies, such as Andromeda, Andromeda 1, Messier 63, Messier 81, Messier 82, Whirlpool, Large Magellanic, Small Magellanic, Black Eye, Sombrero, and many others including our Milky Way.

Spotted Habitable Exoplanet


Again, Wikipedia as an open cyclopedia defines the universe as everything of space and time including its contents, such as planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. The question if many universes exist demands further emphasis on evidence and data sources for explanation. By definition, the universe can be many if people think they exist outside the commanding power of the telescope. We call it the multiverse. However, if people think that the universe is one, then there can only be one universe. On the contrary, one thing is sure. In one universe, there have been billions of galaxies and billions of solar systems. Because of this definition and description, scientists cannot escape the truth to question whether or not we are alone in the universe. Well, NASA has close answers to that question. In one galaxy, there have been plenty of solar systems with habitable zones. These habitable zones contain elements and requirements of planetary materials like water, oxygen, and more to contain life forms. In this case, we surely are not alone in the universe.


NASA now is doing its final mission, its last frontier, to discover the unknown. It then exerts much effort to explore some exoplanets within the habitable zones. They work hard to unfold the mystery of these exoplanets as they become candidates for human colony and expansion. Earth may not stay forever, as the star may die on its own. Regardless of the ending of the world, NASA and other international space agencies are doing their best to explore the vastness of space for human expansion and survival.


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NASA. (2020). How many solar systems are in our galaxy? Retrieved July 23, 2020, from https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/

The Economist. (2018). Exoplanets should have exomoons. Retrieved July 23, 2020, from https://www.economist.com/science-and-technology/2018/10/04/exoplanets-should-have-exomoons

Red Sand Beach: A unique shore to admire

We’ve always wanted to explore some stunning places to create social activities and then unwind once in a while. We’ve been thinking of those famous places and destinations that would surely offer us excitement and fun. We’ve been adding and naming spots that gave us joy; however, we’ve been choosing white sand beaches and resorts. Well, such choices happen as a common thing. Nonetheless, we have never tried asking to change our choices. Instead of choosing to dive into and swim under the cerulean waters across the white sand beaches, what if we try something new to our personal selections and choose the stunning red sand beach in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental.

Well, we know where the Red Sand Beach is. If we try to visit the Jamisolamin Resort in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, we can surely spot and think of a red sand beach where we can enjoy some beach activities. Some people make some comments that the sand is not red but tan. Well, let it be. The Jamisolamin Resort describes it as red sand beach. Who are we to dispute it, anyway? Now, even if many people try to look for white sandy beaches, others try something new and choose the red beach instead. This Red Sand Beach is near Sipaka Heights located in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. However, this beach offers some remarkable views to witness the grandeur of the open sea and the exciting scenery of Camiguin plus the rare beachfront with red sands. If we want to go to Sipaka as the popular destination during Holy Week and the Stations of the Cross, we can go near the Red Sand Beach and take a cool and deep plunge of the refreshing water after a demanding hike.

Try Visiting the Red Sand Beach

Moreover, the Red Sand Beach is near Sipaka to be an islet in the municipality of Talisayan in Misamis Oriental province. It unswervingly faces toward the landmass of Camiguin. For over a time now, local and foreign tourists alike have been herding to this location for beach parties and Holy Week celebrations since the Red Sand Beach and Sipaka are near. As the number of trekkers for Sipaka and clients for the Red Sand Beach increasingly grow each year, we know we can be part of this great adventure.

Finally, the Red Sand Beach near the marvelous Sipaka has fascinated us and compelled us to explore. This stunning spot to relax has been well-known for tourists who could make some fun. As the Red Sand Beach surely offers cool and refreshing waters for clients and tourists, we, too, love it. Now, choosing white sand beaches and resorts will no longer be a subject of discussion. It is because we can try the red sand beach for a very inexpensive entrance fee of ₱10.00 in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. What are we waiting for? Please come to Red Sand Beach after the COVID-19 pandemic. See you there.

How Has Been the Philippine Government Battling the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The Philippines has been one of the countries to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Its government has been implementing guidelines and regulations to administer rapid and swab tests and other types of medical examinations in particular. Along with the Department of Health, Inter-Agency Task Force, and other government agencies, the Philippine government has been integrating methods and procedures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. It has been promoting the self-quarantine strategy to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. Regardless of these health and medical actions, the task to curb the spread of COVID-19 has been hanging in the balance, which would be leading to question why the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 pandemic has been inflating and mounting exponentially.

The Philippine government has prompted the public to observe the established policies, such as social distancing policy, stay-at-home policy, no-face-mask-no-entry policy, hand-sanitizing-and washing policy, and more. It has imposed sanctions for those who infringed on the laws and rules by hook or by crook. Additionally, the local and national governments have exerted their effort plus initiative to create various ordinances to alleviate the spread of the coronavirus. In other words, the government has been working so hard to eliminate the pandemic.

Physical or Social Distance(ing) Policy

However, the Philippine government along with its agencies and departments has been trying to curb the spread of the virus. Since the lockdown or the “quarantine” days, the number of confirmed and infected patients has been expanding and snowballing exponentially. It has been widening its scope that would create alarms and warning signs of the problem. The Philippine government, along with the Department of Health and other agencies, has been working on its mission to stop the spread of the virus despite the extensive measures to include the contact tracing, rapid swabbing and testing, and other medical approaches and techniques. Despite all these, the question has been focusing on how the Philippine government has thrived in implementing its rules, as well as its strategies to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, the Philippine government has been battling the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been playing its role in flattening the curve of the virus. We knew this, and we’ve been asking you to comment on this. Please reply to us and write something so that we can publish it. Thank you.