3 Reasons Why Students Get Easily Flunked

Students, these days, are at risk of failing in their studies. At any length and pace, they get poor results in their academic examinations. Even if they come to class or submit projects and requirements, they still fail to advance their academic levels. They cannot even progress despite the efforts to submit reports. The problem now depends on the ability of the students to realize their mistakes and manage their time to focus on their academic tracks. Though students, from time to time, hire tutors to help them improve their academic scores, they easily fail because of peer pressure stress, teacher factor, and technology interference.

Peer Pressure Factor

Students who cannot refuse to discard friends’ gimmick and party invitations tend to jeopardize their studies. They even lose their focus on resolving their academic projects and tasks due to friends’ commitments to do some extramural activities. Oftentimes, they go to the movie theaters in the afternoon and the bars and casinos in the evening. Instead of studying their lessons, they set their obligations with friends to enjoy their college life. Then, they drink too many alcoholic beverages and liquors at parties, abandon their studies, and forget assignments and projects. Without saying anything to refuse from classmates’ and friends’ tempting party gimmicks, students easily get failing marks and retake the course program.

Teacher Factor

Students, occasionally, decide to stop and drop the subjects because of their teachers. On the first day of school, when teachers lay down their semesters’ plans and projects, students slowly lose the courage to attend the class lectures the next day. They cut classes and go somewhere else remote to escape from their lectures. Sometimes, they claim that they do not like the teachers’ teaching strategies and styles. On the following day, they claim that their teachers do not exert their efforts to teach the subjects with finesse and panache. As such, students cannot pass the tests and fail to proceed.

Technology Factor

Advanced electronics and other technologies can alter some set priorities among students. For example, students grow addicted to playing mobile phones and video games without preparing any materials and tools for their studies. They cannot study properly because they do not have proper study plans and strategies to succeed in college. They even lack the courage to advance their studies to the next level. Somehow, they depend on the Internet for their assignments and reports. They even fail to improve their studies and take extra effort to change academically through scores and tests. As such, they easily fail to pass the courses if they do prioritize the use of their mobile phones, laptop computers, and other electronic devices.

Indeed, abandoning study plans, allowing classmates’ interference toward learning, and letting technologies to ruin concentration and focus are three powerful factors that permit students to fail easily. Because they allow their classmates and friends to distort their focus, they impossibly advance to the next level. They cannot even find any means and ways to learn new lessons, pay attention to their studies, and thrive in the process of learning. As they fail to change their lazy and lousy attitudes, they cannot focus on their studies. At some point, they tend to complain that they do not like their teachers’ teaching styles. They even prejudge their them and choose to stop schooling, for no reason at all. These superficial reasons only add to the significant outcomes that students easily fail in college due to a lack of focus and addiction to technologies. For that reason, students without doubts, fail in college.



Taytayan Hydro Inland Resort: A weekend retreat

Taytayan Hydro Inland Resort is our weekend getaway. We surely don’t want to deny that. We can’t even forget how dazzling, striking, and stunning the place is. Sometimes, we just have to see it for ourselves. We just need to spend time traveling and enjoying ourselves in the gorgeous spot in Davao. As adventurous people, we just have to fulfill our needs to explore the different places around us. We just need to check our calendar and remember that the best tourist destination in the country is the one that we see at the edge of our sight.

Taytayan Hydro Inland Resort positions itself at Barangay Andap, New Bataan, Davao De Oro, Mindanao, Philippines. It holds its perfect ambiance to give us an unwinding weekend that promises us a perfect getaway. We surely love that, don’t we? Situated in the hilly and rocky expanse of New Bataan, this inland resort in Davao De Oro vaunts us with its rolling and unbroken cold water that jets from the adjoining spring. And, who doesn’t love that? After a few minutes of walking, we just let our feet get refreshed with the calming waters, and we do love that as we invite our friends to do the same…

As well, Taytayan Hydro Inland Resort offers us its hillside-carved pool. Its pool design like the ordinary pool from our friends in the neighboring places allows us to feel home. Well, guests and visitors get filled with spring water enough to get reinvigorated their worn-out body. And, who are they to refuse to dive into the amazing and enthralling Taytayan Hydro Inland Resort? Also, who are we to say no to the spellbinding resort in Davao. So, we just sit back and relax just a little bit. Then, we dive into the cool crystal clear water to relax our puzzled mind. So, when we set plans for our next adventures, we choose Taytayan Hydro Inland Resort.


Little MALDIVES: Mindanao’s grandeur and glory

You are not lost. You are still in the Philippines. You are just surprised because you are not aware of the Philippines yet. Even if the Philippines is our country, you fail to explore and set your adventures. And, if you are new to the Little Maldives, then you probably have to expect this – the jaw-dropping encounter of the area. But, before that, you have to reach the exact location of the beautiful pride and spot of the Philippines. It is the Little Maldives at Barangay Tubalan, Malita, Davao Occidental, Mindanao, Philippines.

As well, the Little Maldives is stunning, right? You may have noticed this picture – the beautifully crafted bridges and the artistically and creatively constructed beach houses that would occupy the part of the massive rock structures to form an island. This scenic spot, by far, gives you a period of amazement. Looking at it closely, you will see the stunningly designed beach houses with some stilts in the water. The pillars holding the bridges and the cottage structures give the strong foundation of the whole area. Gorgeous as it is, your attention and focus get hooked by the magical spell of welcome of the Little Maldives. This place in Davao Occidental lets you appreciate the gift of nature. The blessed location of Davao and the magnificent destination for tourists give you these fascinating pristine and clean waters. As you can definitely see healthy marine life plus the coral formations and underwater creatures, you can stop right in the middle of your musings and wonder, nothing else. Of course, when you try to take a look at this real-life picture, who are you to refuse to visit the place. You know you can’t.

Additionally, you can’t repel the spell of the glorious beauty of the place. It seems an enchantment, but it isn’t. All you have to do is to pay an ENTRANCE FEE of ₱20.00. Please check it out since prices may vary. But, it doesn’t hurt and scratch your pocket. Now, if you want to travel, you definitely have to set your adventure plans. You may contact Georgette Sagang via these mobile phone dials at 09755619694 and 09185825049. If you want to book your adventures, you need to contact the tourism officer Jing Danolko with this mobile phone dial at 09755950517.

And oh, before you forget, you may ask how to get there. Well, if you are in Davao City, take the bus from Ecoland Terminal to Malita Davao Occidental. Then, you stop at Tubalan, Malita where you need to take commercial motorcycles known locally as “habal-habal” going to the Little Maldives. And, that’s it.

Hugo Sky Lounge: A paragliding of a lifetime

Have we skipped Cagayan de Oro for another magnificent adventure? Maybe, we have overlooked that. We have been very busy planning for our adventures in the coolest and most refreshing destinations in the country. Since domestic flights are open now, we have been drawn to travel to the best places and most alluring locations that the Philippines has to offer. And yet, we have forgotten a paradise in the megalopolis where we realize we have never been there before. For us, Hugo Sky Lounge at Amaya View in Cagayan de Oro has always been a paradise. We may wonder why we call it a paradise when the place is in the metropolis. Well, if we try to imagine the term “metropolitan area,” we come to think of the following words, such as busy, chaotic, dull, frantic, ghastly, and hassle. And yes, we are correct. However, we all have the options to take. We just need to go somewhere, very near, that we can appreciate and experience the goodness of life amidst the present global health crisis.

Setting our paragliding adventure here at Hugo Sky Lounge in Amaya View, CDO

Paragliding at Hugo Sky Lounge in Amaya View truly activates our spirits. It gives us a sense of competitive adventure and the recreational sport of flying paragliders. We can be paragliders if we want to paraglide. We just have to decide. However, how can we resist paragliding when we feel like doing it? We just need to feel the wind as we try to fly freely. By flying, we can float, flounce, and sashay into the vastness of the stratosphere. With or without paragliders with us, we can still enjoy the foot-launched glider aircraft with no unbending main organization.

At Hugo Sky Lounge, we take an adventure of a lifetime. Are we going to skip this adventure again? Of course, we aren’t. We just have to plan this thing right and buckle up with our paraphernalia.

Oh, do you know where Amaya View is? Please check the information below.

    • AMAYA View CDO © 2020
    • Indahag Hills, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
    • (+63) 917-149-0641

3 Reasons Why Traveling Is Fun

Traveling is like learning. It gives us exceptional experiences and moments of understanding of life. It, also, gives us moments of joy and pleasure to learn different perspectives and views about the world. These lessons in traveling may be about meeting new cultures, new people and their beliefs, and new natural and social environments. As well, traveling is fun. It helps us explore the diverse places, set for more discoveries, meet some of the good friends, and build meaningful memories. It even makes me feel complete and happy that we manage to roam around the world and then explore the different horizons. All those experiences make traveling fun. Additionally, traveling allows people like us to be free – free from personal confinement and isolation. We, sometimes, do this and that according to instructions, or sometimes, we do not have a choice. If we restrain ourselves in one place and choose to stay at home, we do not know the world around us. Soon, we slowly become strangers to one another since we do not have the chance to greet one another.

Traveling gives us joy. The activities, such as paragliding at Hugo Sky Lounge in Amaya View, diving and strolling around the boulevard at Reel Place, and putting footprints on Bukay Falak, excite travelers. We all have plans to do. We need to stop feeling too sequestered. In one way or another, we must travel because it is fun. Because of this, we need to set our adventures and discover new horizons beyond our imagination. As such, traveling is learning.

Hugo Sky Lounge: Amaya View, Cagayan de Oro

Traveling holds beneficial effects. It allows us to discover the world around us. It even permits us to explore various places that make us feel happy. Also, we must consider those unimportant events in our lives. We even value them without giving ourselves a break and take a moment to realize – why we do not need to take a break and enjoy just a little bit. It is because traveling gets us out of the busy schedules. It even allows us to experience life in diverse ways. Since traveling serves as a remedy for anxiety, depression, and stress, it cultivates emotional, mental, and physical health.

Reel Place: Lorega, Kitaotao, Bukidnon

As well, traveling helps people like us acquire diverse ideas and experiences. It even lets us gain different real-life instructions to survive from life and to imagine the vastness of the sky. In other words, traveling helps us realize our lack of focus. We even become confident to live our lives and manage to make some trips with friends. Over time, traveling makes us feel very confident. We feel that we do not have to worry anymore. As we become confident in our lives, we allow ourselves to get refreshed and realize the impact of traveling – to change.

BUKAY FALAK: Barangay Nuing, Jose Abad Santos, Davao Occidental

In the end, traveling is fun. It is because it can truly transform us and our way of thinking. It delivers us to go to places that people like us have never been there before. And yes, we become too excited to think that we need to take our steps further to reach those destinations. For that matter, we need to plan and set our travels, too. The good thing about traveling is that it makes our lives and moments count.

Laswitan Lagoon: Surigao Del Sur’s Hawaii

The Philippines, by far, is a country paradise. It is a majestic paradise and splendor fenced by bounteous bodies of water. This country surprises everyone with its ecological and geographical diversity, and its special feature is even more magical in itself that no other countries and territories bear semblances. As well, the Philippines attracts foreign tourists. None can argue with us that the Philippines is one of the most-visited places in the world. Aside from the beauty of the country and its magnificence, it also gives some awe-inspiring destinations with stunning views and exceptional geological constructions and developments. In other words, the Philippines receives all the blessings and graces of nature and wonder. Misamis Oriental Journal readers wish to visit some places safe and sound or happy and pleasurable, such as Malibu, Hawaii, and we name it. Now, when we decide to have our weekend trips going somewhere, why don’t we consider the Philippines? Why don’t we try Laswitan falls and lagoon in Surigao de Sur?

Laswitan Lagoon is located at Barangay Madreliño, Cortes, Surigao Del Sur. If we are from Surigao City, we take the southbound bus to Tandag City and stop in the crossing of Cortes. The trip takes only 4 hours. Next, we ride the motorcycles locally known as “habal-habal” from Cortes crossing to Laswitan. We only take 25-30 minutes. Well, if you are from Tandag City, we take the northbound bus to Surigao City and stop in the crossing of Cortes. Perhaps, we can take the public utility vehicles called jeepney with Cortes signboard. We expect to have one (1) hour estimated travel arrival (ETA). Then, we ride the habal-habal from Cortes town proper to Laswitan to take 15 minutes.

However, if we are from remote locations in the country and around the globe, we can take Philippines Airlines or Cebu Pacific flights to Surigao City. If we have the options to make, we can take the daily flights to Davao or Butuan from Manila and ride buses to Tandag City. From Tandag City, we can hire a private van to Laswitan to take 7 – 8 hours. That one takes a long-hour drive or a long journey to the superb Hawaii.

As well, we can visit the place probably in the months of November through February. These months give us the best view of the splashing water locally termed “laswit” since the waves during these months are high. In fact, one of our friends Bhoy Rusiana Turtogo was there, too.

Did we mention that Laswitan is like Hawaii? No, we did not. We forget to say that. However, Laswitan Lagoon is like one of the beaches in Hawaii, right? However, we do not get confused about it. This scenic lagoon is at Barangay Madreliño, Cortes, Surigao Del Sur. We can contact the management of Laswitan Lagoon through this mobile phone dial at 0935 146 5683 if we want to explore the place. They would be happy to serve us.

KAPEHAN SA BUKID: Davao’s newest coffee hub

Coffee lovers and adventurous people like us sometimes go together. During the trip, we manage to stopover at the coffee shops, while enjoying our hot cups of coffee. The steaming vapor from the hot cups of brewed coffee gives as the chilling effect to wake us up in the morning snooze or alert us from the musings. Perhaps, we decide to spend magical and interesting rides if we have nothing to do in life and long weekends are approaching. Davao Oriental can be the best option to consider if we want long rides, treks, and trips. When we get there, we must not forget to drop off at Compostela – Cateel Road, Davao Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines.

Well, traveling is fun. And also, any form of adventure excites us. We know that traveling gives us moments to unwind. However, traveling without minding and thinking some of the things from our past that bother us can transform us. It changes our views about our lives to the point that we feel happy to experience the beauty of sojourn. The panoramic view in the background, the hot cups of coffee on the table, the foggy ambiance of the surroundings, and the joy-ride that we cannot forget are some of the things we need to do to enjoy life – a life away from stress.

How Do We Get There?

We take the plane if we are from Manila, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro. From Manila to Davao, we take one hour and fifty-five minutes (1 HR and 55 Mins). We can only spend ₱8,000.00 as the cheapest airfare costs for our round trip.

When we get to Davao City, we take the bus heading for Cateel. We only take five hours (5 HRS) that surely cost ₱500.00 for the air-conditioned buses and ₱400.00 for ordinary buses.

Upon arrival at Cateel Town Center, we take the commercial motorcycles locally known as “Habal-Habal.” Within 20 minutes, we will reach “Kapehan sa Bukid.”

Oh, are we going to go now? We have not been ready for this one. We have been writing this article and featuring “Kapehan sa Bukid” to give us some discounts in the future, and now, we need to visit the place? Well, we just need to pack a few things up and head to “Kapehan sa Bukid” in Davao. By the way, we do not know anything to do. And yet, we can contact the management of Kapehan sa Bukid now through its mobile phone dial at 0998 196 0654. If we all have questions, we need to visit the Facebook Page of “Kapehan sa Bukid” management.

P.S. All photos come from Kapehan sa Bukid Facebook Page. Thank you.

Cebu Waterfalls: The unseen jewel of South Cebu

We have visited a lot of places in the country. From those visits, we could say that traveling could be fun and interesting. We could, also, say that we would look to learn more about nature and people from different backgrounds in the country. We would always have the passion to learn more about people and to extend connections by talking to them. However, of all those journeys, we could not ignore the scenic spots that would remind us of utopia. Now, we can say that traveling is fulfilling and that it allows us to meet people and their conventional cultures. However, we cannot go to places too far to reach. Travel restrictions and quarantine protocols are underway. Besides, some places like tourist attractions are unavailable due to stern quarantine measures imposed by the local and national governments. However, some places are open to serve guests and visitors. They open their businesses, but they follow government guidelines. Thus, if we plan to go somewhere and wish to explore not only Misamis Oriental, we can set our adventure plans now and fly to Cebu.

Somehow, we want to travel outside our comfort zone. Since we are from Misamis Oriental, we also wish to fly to Cebu via Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, or Philippine Airlines to reach the hidden jewel and utopia of Cebu. If we do not have enough money, we choose 2Go Travels and other vessels. To tell our readers, we have been to Cebu for many years, but we have not made our stops at the tourist attractions. Well, we were busy back then. The reason we visited Cebu was business meetings and field trips from schools. This time we wish to go to South Cebu to enjoy life. We want to enjoy the beauty of nature and its fascinating landscape. Additionally, we need to visit the spectacular Inambakan Falls in South Cebu. After Inambakan Falls, we can also visit Bugnawan Falls and Kampael Falls in three days. In other words, we can spend one day on each falls.

Well, from the airport or port terminal, we can go directly to South Cebu Bus Terminal and pay around ₱180.00 air-conditioned bus. We can also pay the commercial motorcycle known locally as Habal-Habal for ₱100.00 per person.

Once we land on Cebu soil, we go directly to South Cebu Bus Terminal.

    • Take buses going to Ginatilan Proper for three (3) to four (4) hours.
    • Ask the drivers to drop us off at 7Eleven.

Ginatilan Proper

    • We take Habal-Habal. We tell the Habal-Habal driver to drive us off to Inambakan Falls.
    • We can try to negotiate the driver if we may. We can ask if the drivers agree with ₱300.00 per person for the three (3) waterfalls. Then, they can wait for us to go home.

Then, we revel with nature. We quietly take some photos, ask nature to grant us good image captures and vibes, and maintain the area clean. We eat our delightful snacks and food. As we make every minute of excitement and fun in the three waterfalls, we just dive into the water, feel it, and swim without saying a word since magic and miracle of nature can surely cast spell beyond our imagination.