The Philippines loses its battle against China

On Monday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned that China held possession of the South China Sea. He, as well, accentuated that the United States’ come back to the former naval base in the Southeast Asian country could only hoist a threat of war. In fact, President Duterte discoursed about the maritime dispute in his fifth state of the nation address. This discussion regarding the territorial conflict becomes the center of conflict between China and the United States in the area.

Meanwhile, critics of the Philippine President Duterte continued to remind the president’s decision to handle the territorial dispute. To respond to the criticisms, President Duterte acknowledged that he was incompetent in his territorial claims. He said that China claimed the South China Sea and that the Philippines did, too. However, he emphasized that China has advantages – the fleet strengths, the aircraft carriers, the submarines, the destroyers and frigates, the corvettes, and the coastal patrols, which the Philippines does not have them. In other words, the Philippines cannot make its way to defend itself if China attacks the country. The United States, as well, cannot even beat China’s power.

Source: GlobalFirepower.Com

Moreover, President Duterte knew his stand. He even recognized China’s power. He said that his reason to take a step back on the South China Sea dispute was simple – the Philippines has not had any force to compete with China. “They own the property… so what can we do?” President Duterte added.

Finally, the Philippines loses its fight against China over the South China Sea.


Venzon, C. (27 July 2020). Duterte says Beijing is ‘in possession’ of the South China Sea.

The Chocolate Hills: A country’s wonder to explore

You may be thinking why I feature the Chocolate Hills. Well, even if this beautiful spot is far from Misamis Oriental, I cannot deny the fact we love this place. Some people may not have the chance to glimpse the stunning view of the Chocolate Hills and its geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines. As such, this feature article takes you to the Chocolate Hills and its historical narrative and geologic formation.

Well, the Chocolate Hills has been the celebrated tourist attraction of Bohol and in the Philippines. These hills are even highlighted in the regional flag and seal to signify the lavishness of natural attractions in the province. As the Philippine Tourism Authority submits a list of tourist destinations in the Philippines, it includes the Chocolate Hills because of its wonder. The Chocolate Hills as pointed out becomes the third National Geological Monument, and the country proposes for addition in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In other words, the Chocolate Hills become the third National Geological Monument by the National Committee on Geological Sciences on June 18, 1988, in respect of its unusual features, scientific significance, distinctiveness, and extraordinary picturesque value.

A Small Leaping Primate known as Tarsier Found in Bohol

Additionally, tourists may ask us how many hills in the place. Most likely, there have been at least 1,776 hills in the area in which tourists can enjoy hiking and walking. These hills that spread over an expanse of more than 50 square kilometers can be the best place to sightsee and witness the splendor of the venue. Well, we can see tarsier in Bohol. These tarsiers are from the family of Tarsiidae, any of six or more species of small leaping primates found only on various islands of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. Tourists will discover and know that tarsiers are in-between in form between lemurs and monkeys. Surprisingly, these primates measure only about 9–16 centimeters or 3.5–6 inches long. Of course, we do not include the tails in the measurement of about twice that length. These hills called chocolate hills since they become chocolate-brown during the dry season. During the rainy season, green grass covers the hills.

Moreover, rumors of legends spread like wildfire. According to legends, the chocolate hills come into existence due to the two disagreeing titans who tossed boulders, rocks, and sand at each other. Legends continue that these hills become Chocolate Hills. When the fight between these two giants is over, the huge mess of hills becomes the Chocolate Hills.

Jagna Port in Bohol

Finally, if we are from Cagayan de Oro City, we just need to go to Cagayan de Oro Port. We then book a ticket for only ₱700.00 plus or minus and then take a ferry from Cagayan de Oro to Jagna Port. From Jagna, Bohol, we can go directly to Tubigon via Carmen City to the Chocolate Hills. Perhaps, we can take a bus to Carmen at the Tubigon bus terminal. As well, we can find the bus terminal 1 kilometer away from Tubigon Port. Additionally, the road takes 1-2 hours and costs ₱30 – 80 pesos.

C Resort: A seamless retreat to recapture

One of the most exciting adventures of a lifetime is to travel to places where we exactly know. These places may be close to home or within the vicinity of Misamis Oriental. Yes, we have known C Resort for a very long time, but we have never had ample time to set up our plans and take a few trips back and forth to the venue. Inasmuch as we have time, we go to the places near home. However, if we want to pay attention to the beauty of the environment and the adjacent place, we can go somewhere else. We can go to C Resort. Even if we knew the resort, we have never had an opportunity to take a respite and wind up just a little bit to reminisce good memories down to our memory lanes. We have missed that so far.

A Cerulean Blue Pool Water and Turquoise Beach Water at C Resort

Over the first few months of the global pandemic, the impact of the COVID-19 has struct us. It has caused us pain and struggles to stay at home. We have even become bored with something, and wathcing movies from Netflix and vlogging on YouTube will no longer break the monotony. Since we could not go far enough due to travel limits and restrictions, we have forced ourselves keeping our space so remote from the rest of our friends. However, with good permits, we can travel back and forth to places within Misamis Oriental.

Well, some places begin opening their stores and establishments. As the economy dives down, business leaders and owners push their interests and talk to the Department of Trade and industry, as well as other agencies, to permit these business organizations to resume their services and transactions. Dear readers, C Resort will soon inform its customers and guests regarding the resumption of all activities. Soon, we can make memories in the resort as we choose to relax, recapture, and unwind. As guests and visitors, we just need to visit its Facebook Page from time to time.

Become Fascinated by the Enticing View of Blue Waters

By the way, C Resort is in Gimaylan, Libertad, Misamis Oriental. The exclusive and refined look plus its appealingly picture-perfect beach resort stands impressively on its spot with its spectacular natural splendor. As guests and visitors, we cannot refuse to take our trips and set up our plans so that the next morning we wake up we will be in a grandiose accommodation of C Resort.

A Time to Visit C Resort

Please do not forget this. Some of you may ask where it it. Well, C Resort is located at National Highway, Gimaylan, Libertad 9201, Misamis Oriental. the management has its mobile phone dial on 0977 819 2799.

An Update of Cottage and Room Pricing Rates

Blu Sands Beach Resort: A home to adore

Blu Sands Beach Resort is a place of adventure. Holidaymakers and local tourists alike offer some exciting activities and moments of relaxation as they want to unwind from stress. Blu Sands Beach Resort is located at Tubigon, Initao, 9016 Misamis Oriental. It is a place where tourists can enjoy doing pool activities and finding a new area to roam around. The place appears to be well suited for those who want to stay for days since it has a pleasant hotel.

Well, beachgoers and tourists alike can witness the beauty of the area. The management of Blu Sands Beach Resort introduces new and well-managed facilities. Its clean pool waters can attract much attention to the guests plus the marvelous adventures in the beach waters, too. Additionally, Blu Sands Beach Resort can be a new place for recreation and a short retreat. It invites tourists to come to the place and enjoy other conveniences and services. This newly opened resort captivates the hearts and minds of the guests and vacationers because it is new and relaxing.

Newly Built Cottages and Rooms at Blu Sands Beach Resort

Besides, vising Blu Sands Beach Resort is easy. For all first-timers who do not know Blu Sands Beach Resort, it is located right next to the recognized Midway Beach Resort. In other words, these two beaches compete with guests depending on the guests’ and vacationers’ decisions.

A Pleasant View of Blu Sands Beach Resort

Additionally, we can contact the management if we want to do it. For more inquiries, we call or send them a message at +639055453599 (Globe) or +639258987640 (Sun). Please check out the rates below:

Hardrock Lux Spring Resort: A place to love

Setting up our plans these days can be a wise decision to make. It is because we have so much time to do it. We are with our family this time due to the pandemic and the stay-at-home policy. Since we have nothing to do at the moment except doing some cooking, gardening, planting vegetables, and the like, we surely have much time planning for our next adventure.

Well, let us try Hardrock Lux Spring Resort. This resort is located at Dumarait, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental. From Cagayan de Oro, it only takes more than an hour to commute. We can surely spend our time with our family members and friends in the pool or even attend some activities in the place.

A Cool and Refreshing Pool Water at Hardrock Lux Spring Resort

Additionally, Hardrock Lux Spring Resort has everything to offer – the cool and refreshing swimming pool. This place can be a great venue for a wet picnic, a family get-together, and more. Various events like Ms. Bikini and other beauty pageants happen here and there. In other words, Hardrock Lux Spring Resort in Dumarait can be a party venue for all.

Beauty Contest at Hardrock Lux Spring Resort

Moreover, local tourists and party-goers alike know where it it. Hardcok Lux Spring Resort is at Dumarait, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines. Oh, by the way, we need to know that the spring resort accepts some bookings and party arrangements with a minimum payment of ₱5,000.00 per family with an inclusive two cottages. We cannot wait for more? If we do have questions, we can call and contact the management of Hardrock Lux Spring Resort at its mobile phone dials 09177002697 or 09177182697. Well, we can also send a message on its Facebook Page.

An Exciting Venue for Family Get-Together and Party

So, what are we waiting for? We set our plans now, prepare all necessary fun and exciting activities, and take some moments to enjoy at Hardrock Lux Spring Resort. Our friends are planning, too. How about you? 

Del Carmen Beach: A utopia to reminisce

What’s your best way to enjoy your weekend? Well, after the COVID-19 pandemic, some people think of hiking and walking down the cliffy and hilly mountains; whereas, others think of diving into the poor or playing something in the beach waters. If you think of this, consider Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool located at Barangay Kauswagan, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental.

Well, hiking is fun. However, going to Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool gives us an exciting destination to relax and to remove the stress. Because of this COVID-19 pandemic, Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool gives us an exciting moment to unwind. The laughter of those children who splash their feet in the cool and refreshing pool waters allows us to reminisce those missed meaningful moments due to the pandemic.  

Holidaymakers at Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool

Moreover, I don’t want you to stay any longer by reading this article. Kindly contact the management of Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool when it will open. Before anything else, please check the following details:


    • Child 3-feet tall and below is FREE
    • (Inclusion: Use of Swimming Pool)


    • Beach Front: P500, P700 & P900
    • Pool Side: P400, P500 & P900


    • Aqua Park: P150/Hr./Pax
    • Banana Boat: P800/Trip (5 Pax)
    • Twin Banana Boat: P1300/Trip (10Pax)
    • Bandwagon: P800/Trip
    • Tremor: P800/Trip
    • Flyer: P800/Trip
    • Kayak: P300/Hr
    • Stand-up Paddle: P200/Hr
    • Aqua Bike: P500/30 Mins.
Cottages near the Swimming Pool at Del Carmen Beach

Note: Please avoid wearing clothes with buttons, zipper, and other sharp objects.

ACCOMMODATIONS: All rooms are air-conditioned.


    • Good for 4 Pax – P2, 000 (w/o TV)
    • Good for 4 Pax – P2, 500 (with TV)
    • Good for 8 Pax – P3, 500 (w/o TV)


    • (Inclusions: TV, Ref and Free Cottage)
    • Good for 6 Pax – P5, 000
    • Good for 8 Pax – P6, 000
Exciting Activities in the Pool Near Air-conditioned Dorms


    • Good for 10 Pax – P3, 500
    • Good for 12 Pax – P4, 500
    • Good for 20 Pax – P7, 000


    • (Inclusions: TV, Ref & Free Cottage)
    • Good for 6 Pax – P5, 000
    • Good for 12 Pax – P7, 000
    • Breakfast: P125/Meal
Poolside at Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool

Finally, guests need to know that prices may change without prior notice.

Understand How People Abuse their Powers

Filipino people should learn their lessons about their past. They should learn now to express their humanity to find hope and peace in these times of crises and worries. They should be considerate towards people. As well, they should uphold moral integrity and respect to other people. They should show some concerns about other people in the country with compassion, love, and mercy. However, all these attitudes and characters are lost. The Filipino people do not represent the standards of moral codes and values. They do not appreciate others and fail to think the best in people. All these things happen due to the abuse of power and the lost morals and values of the Filipino people.

For example, a group of administration lawmakers now pushed further reviews and House of Representative investigations against the ABS-CBN network. After the plans to shut down the TV network over the issue of not airing political campaigns and of promoting Antonio Trillanes’ political propaganda, the ABS-CBN network faced extinction. The rejection of the franchise renewal served as a form of revenge despite the reasons for violations.

The effort of the House of Representatives to investigate the so-called condonation of loans from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) to the Lopez company and owner of ABS-CBN could be one form of abuse. The action of the House of Representatives materialized was based on House Resolution No. 1040. This resolution was filed on July 9 by Deputy Speaker and Davao Rep. Paolo Duterte, Deputy Speaker and Sagip Rep. Rodante Marcoleta, ACT-CIS Rep. Eric Yap, Cavite Rep. Jesus Crispin Remulla, Anakalusugan Rep. Michael Defensor, Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr., and Dumper PTDA Rep. Claudine Diana Bautista. These lawmakers were busy finding the loopholes for ABS-CBN to face more charges. This abuse of authority of some lawmakers became the face and the fight of the lawmakers in the Philippines.

The following actions of these lawmakers to escalate the situations and breakdown of ABS-CBN appeared to be an aggressive abuse of power.

    • Firstly, Sagip Rep. Rodante Marcoleta sought to look into the authenticity of the title of a 4.4-hectare property on Mother Ignacia Street in Quezon City where ABS-CBN’s head office and most of its broadcast facilities.
    • Secondly, Cavite Rep. Jesus Crispin Remulla would search for the alleged violations on the franchise of Amcara Broadcasting Network Inc., an ABS-CBN subsidiary company. He would also question the “block-time arrangement” between AMCARA and ABS-CBN that permitted its television broadcasts beyond the termination of its permit.
    • Thirdly and lastly, the National Telecommunications Commission made a second blow to shut the broadcast down. The lawmakers, who supported the network’s franchise renewal, objected to these sustained inquiries.

Apparently, these lawmakers have had ample time to make plausible actions to help the government ease the current situations. They can, also, expedite other actions to help the Filipino citizens and the business organizations recover from their losses. If these lawmakers think about these issues, they can provide actions and strategies to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, things happen differently and the constant fights between the red and the yellow banners produced horrors in these challenging times.

Well, what do we expect? This is who we are. There are crabs in all of us – the crab mentality. That is the truth that we cannot escape. We need to re-think the next time we brag about our accomplishments and our Filipino nationality and pride. We need to re-consider how we fight one another for power and revenge. We have nothing to blow our horns. If we fail to stop, we, in the end, can see ourselves fighting towards our destruction and ruins. 


Gascon, M. (30 July 2020). Administration lawmakers push more probes of ABS-CBN. Retrieved July 31, 2020, from

Know Why Telcos Have Had Poor Services

Telecommunication companies, such as Globe and Smart, could hardly secure local permits to build their infrastructure to augment their communication and connection services. This circumstance happened because local officials and regulators made it hard for them to obtain permits.

Senator Grace Poe urged these Telecommunication companies to mention names to those local officials and regulators so that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte would deal with them. In other words, these telecommunication companies could simply provide their clients and consumers viable services by building more cell sites and towers if these culprits, such as the local officials and regulators, did not push their financial agenda.

In the joint assembly of Congress on Monday, President Duterte reprimanded Globe and Smart Telecoms for their pitiable services. He even threatened these two telecommunication companies with government expropriation if Globe and Smart performance services continued to deliver poorly. As well, he mentioned that this sanction would materialize if these telecommunications would remain the same by December.

Senator Grace Poe hoped that any whistleblowers should appear to expose this issue and expect that somebody would explain to Mr. Duterte that more than a few local officials and regulators failed to deliver their jobs due to their corrupt intentions.

Indeed, Senator Grace Poe added that President Duterte could call the attention of these regulators like the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and local officials to accelerate their replies to the needs of the people. Hence, she said that the government should enforce the red tape law.


Salaverria, L. B. ( 31 July 2020). Telcos urged to name officials delaying cell site permits. Retrieved July 31, 2020, from