Secret Haven Private Resort: Our Bukidnon Pride

Secret Haven Private Resort can be our excellent choice of location, as well as a superb venue for social activities. It is an ideal place for big and small social gatherings, family picnics, and other church services, and group retreats with friends. For people who love to take pictures for their social media posts, this place draws much attention from guests and tourists.

Well, guests and visitors can see where Secret Haven Private Resort is. Located in Vintar, Valencia City, Bukidnon, this private resort surely gives us moments of silence to revel with nature. As shown by a map, this resort is somewhere in Vintar. Imaginably, if we have some activities to do despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we can choose this place to stay safe. Without worrying about the quarantine protocols, guests and tourists can guarantee safe trips and vacations. 

Also, guests can find peace of mind in the area. We know we search for places to relieve stress. We, also, know we can plunge ourselves into the turquoise pool waters with the emerald scenery. As Secret Haven Private Resort has so much more to offer, it simply gives us ways to dive in and celebrate life.

Now, if we go there, we can contact this mobile phone dial (+63)926-317-2009. In the end, we can explore wonders as we truly commune with nature.

3 Things I Did When I Visited Misamis Oriental

Finding meaningful activities on a beach, cold spring, or stream could be fun. We could do a lot of things aside from those countless activities beach parties and binge drinking in Misamis Oriental. Some people might not agree with us; however, we would surely feel we would enjoy doing things out of the ordinary. This season when the heat of the sun truly burnt our skin, we just lost track of time doing important things.

As well, three things I surely did when I visited Misamis Oriental. And I chose the beach, cold spring, or stream to enjoy myself as I took the plunge to quench and refresh my feeling. As COVID-19 hit me pretty bad, I could still have the grasp to spell magic and turn those things to be mystic by collecting pebbles, taking selfies, and unwinding – how about you?

Collect pebbles for our aquariums

Collecting pebbles on a beach, cold spring, or stream for our aquariums would be exciting. Some people might not have the idea of doing this; however, others would do it otherwise. And then, we could choose similar colors and sizes to fill our glass aquariums. The fish would love to swim in the water. Instead of buying these stones for our aquariums, we could collect some of them and take them home.

A collection of pebbles or shingles for aquarium refill.

Take instagrammable photos for recollection

I never thought that finding the best spot for pictorials could be beneficial. For example, drowning our feet in the knee-deep water, standing beside the solitary tree by the beach, and walking on the pebbles and shingles while taking selfies would be an impressive moment to capture the best angle for a photoshoot. Doing so gave us a bewildering moment.  

A group of men and women taking selfies (A photo from freepik).

Unwind to reduce stress and worries

Perhaps, we needed to forget all the stress and worries in life. As COVID-19 truly produced tension and terror among us, we remained barred from doing progressive things. We could never do productive things due to stern quarantine protocols and restrictions. As we kept on waiting to when this pandemic would end, we lost track of time. However, we could do something worthwhile as long as the government allowed us to travel. Well, we could go to the beach, mountain hill, or stream. Just as we had such an opportunity to it, grabbing it would be the best option to make.

Unwinding ourselves by looking at the beach scenery (A photo from freepik).

Visiting our chosen location has been fun. We could do numerous things we rarely did. We would say we had enough for those beach parties and binge drinking. We would say we had to relax and unwind. Well, a few people might beg to disagree with us. For them, those beach activities would be fun. However, collecting pebbles, taking instagrammable photos, and relaxing would be remarkable. Here in Misamis Oriental, we could do a lot of things. As the sun burnt our skin, we needed to quench our feelings by the refreshing beach or stream.


3 Tourist spots guests visit in Misamis Oriental

The summer arrives. The heat of the sun surely burns our subtle skins. With cold water in our tumbler, we gulp it down to quench our thirst. And yes, we know it isn’t enough. So, we think of going to places where we can enjoy and cool ourselves down a bit. Now, let’s start Misamis Oriental as our point of origin for this exploration. For sure, we can find the best venues for relaxation and fun.

Red Sand Beach

Well, we know where Red Sand Beach is. If we try to visit the Jamisolamin Resort in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, we can surely spot and think of a red sand beach where we can enjoy some beach activities. Some people make comments that the sand is not red but tan. Well, let it be. The Jamisolamin Resort describes it as the red sand beach. Who are we to dispute it, anyway? Now, even if many people try to look for white sandy beaches, others try something new and choose the red beach instead. This Red Sand Beach is near Sipaka Heights located in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. However, this beach offers some remarkable views to witness the grandeur of the open sea and the exciting scenery of Camiguin plus the rare beachfront with red sands. If we want to go to Sipaka as the popular destination during Holy Week and the Stations of the Cross, we can go near the Red Sand Beach and take a cool and deep plunge of the refreshing water after a demanding hike.

Red Sand Beach: A unique shore to admire

Villa Arcadia Beach Resort

We surely are talking about Villa Arcadia Beach Resort. We are graced with delight and pleasure as we understand the miracles and wonders of the place. Besides, we will never run out of things to do at Villa Arcadia Beach Resort in Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. We can do plenty of activities that we love doing. For public information, Villa Arcadia Beach Resort offers great accommodations, such as cottages, billiard tables, children’s playgrounds, mini-zoos, and KTV bars, as well as snorkeling equipment.

Villa Arcadia Beach Resort: A seaside choice to try

El Salvador Beach Front Resort

El Salvador Beach Front Resort is in El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental. It is near Cagayan de Oro. Its shoreline is close to home. The place is quite perfect that we surely want to celebrate life as it is. We can fully imagine how wonderful it is to think to just dive into the water without thinking of the distress and pressure of the crisis at present. We feel happy doing our stuff in the refreshing waters plus the exciting adventures of meeting people in the area. Of course, we can have those food menus that the place waits for us to order.

El Salvador Beach Front: A seaside to consider

Before the summer ends, we work hard to find time to visit these places. It’s a matter of finding means and ways to beat the heat of the sun. We just don’t need cold water in our tumble. We have to plunge ourselves into the deep, cold pool water or beach water in various sites in Misamis Oriental. The question is when we do it? After the pandemic? No, we get our swimming apparel and our adventure attire now to head to the exciting places in Misamis Oriental. For sure, we can enjoy ourselves.

Viral Issue: How Porridge Becomes Nonessential?

The viral issue of porridge as nonessential food received a verdict in the palace: It is essential. However, one can consider this point – affluent shoes, fancy pieces of jewelry, luxurious 75-inch televisions, and other lavish home appliance brands have never been essential. Or at least, these things have never been the priority among millions of poor people.

However, porridge by definition has always been very essential. For the average people, porridge has always been life. It could even be more than life from the standpoints of the needy people. On the contrary, it seemed weird to consider porridge unessential. Awful as it may sound, calling porridge unessential is completely erroneous.

Marvin Ignacio, based on an interview, struggled and suffered from the impact of the incident. He noticed the unusual behaviors of the three men who surrounded him. After the incident, his viral video on porridge as unessential put him at risk. In the end, three suspicious men tried to intimidate him after the incident.

On Thursday night, food delivery rider Marvin Ignacio faced the dangers of his life. Through Marvin Ignacio’s Facebook Live, people knew how he sought help after the incident. Consequently, three men went to his house and carried a supposed memo ordering and requesting the closure of the rice porridge store.

News from various magazines and online magazines revealed Ignacio’s present and scary situation. As he found the activity of the three men suspicious, he knew his life was in danger for the sake of the truth.

Why was Marvin Ignacio in danger? What did he do? To answer the question, his suspicion might be due to the incident himself. Of course, this basic reasoning was obvious. There have been people who always stood for lies and who would silence those who strived to tell the truth.

Indeed, Marvin Ignacio’s work was to deliver porridge to his customers in every section of the place. However, only the female personnel from Barangay Muzon prohibited him from entering because only the essential products would be allowed to pass through and because porridge was unessential.

Well, readers could think about this. People should stand for the truth and admit their mistakes. Instead of denying and philosophizing the errors, they try to consider them as correct. One politician seems to add color to the issue and appears mocking when he said the term porridge (lugaw) refers to the Vice President of the country. Why is that? It is not okay to make jokes about the Vice President and the President. It is not.

On the other hand, the president of the Philippines has been changing and reshaping the country and its citizens to be better people, not the ridiculous ones. One more thing, one public servant tries to conceal the real score of the situation and diverge the issue somewhere. Instead of reprimanding the culprit, that public servant blames one politician for not helping the COVID-19 Program. This manner shown in this country is bad. People keep on blaming people and fighting for the sake of power. If people did follow the president and his mission to build better Philippines, then Marvin Ignacio would be free from fear from any threat.

Importance of taking time off and its benefits

Spending too much work on something is precarious. In other words, fatigue or overstress can kill people. Of course, these people can experience various health problems that surely kill them sooner or later. Due to extreme exposure to other substances and work, they undertake some issues that relate to relaxation and unwinding. For that reason, taking some time off appears to be rewarding that it needs people to participate in the get-together, holiday vacation, and what-not to gain some health benefits.

People who take some time off and spend the days camping and fishing can gain plenty of health benefits. According to many studies, people, who take some time away from their jobs and who spend their time camping, finishing, and the like with friends and loved ones can gain some physical and psychological health benefits.

As mentioned, people, who take holiday hideaways and vacations, may have remarkable healthy lifestyles. They keep on traveling from place to place. These healthy habits allow these people to make sure to have inferior stress, less risk of heart malady, a better outlook on life, and more inspiration to realize goals.

Additionally, encouraging workforces to take some time off promotes a healthy lifestyle, In other words, people who spend their time relaxing and unwinding gain health benefits. They look even younger despite their age. Spending time with friends and loved ones in different places can circumvent any work-related anxiety, breakdown, and stress. As such, taking some time off from work helps people become productive and attentive at work.

In the end, taking some time off or a day off gives people chances to rejuvenate. One time off or a day off can even strengthen people’s health from various diseases. As suggested, people need to take some time off to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress, while growing and promoting life satisfaction while focusing on the increased productivity and focus.

And yes, men can dance, too.

Dance, as an art form and a concept, does not have gender requirements of who performs on stage. Whether dance is ballet, folk, hip-hop, or modern, both men and women, regardless of their genders and sexual preferences, are just fine.

This narrative is a reminder that no people must judge who can dance on stage. For ballet, both boys and girls, as well as men and women, can dance. Lara Spencer, who is a co-anchor of Good Morning America on ABC, apologizes twice on air for mocking Prince George on his interest in ballet.

Although Lara Spencer makes a public apology on TV, the message of her action is riveting and strange. Her limited perceptions of realities based on cultural and gender biases allow her to provide details so poignant that she faces public uproar. The message is simple. She laughs when she knows that Britain’s Prince George takes his ballet lessons at six years old.


Rudolf Nureyev, a Russian male dancer from Irkutsk, Russia, proves to be the presence of a male ballet dancer. Dubbed as the greatest male dancer of all time, Rudolf Nureyev becomes the Lord of the Dance because of his endowing appearance to all-male dancers.

Of course, the comment of Lara Spencer has something to do with gender biases. Many people think that dance is for women. Some of them believe that dancing has specific gender requirements. However, it is ill-advised, as well as inattentive, to consider such a statement. Spencer’s biting commentary seems incorrect, but she expresses her regret she says it.

Moreover, boys and men can show their interests in the dance, too. Regardless of the dance styles and techniques, boys and men can join in the club or league of dancers since dance does not require any specific gender. So, what are you waiting for? Are you still afraid of stereotyping and what-not? No, you do not have to worry about anything. Just dance! Boys can dance, too.

Finally, boys and men can learn to dance, too. They can take lessons from the following schools if they want to learn ballet:

    • Paris Opera Ballet School – France
    • Vaganova School – St Petersburg – Russia
    • The Royal Ballet School – London – England
    • Juilliard School of Dance – New York
    • Sunhwa Arts High School – Seoul – South Korea
    • University of North Carolina School of Arts – Winston-Salem
    • New York University – New York
    • and more…

Snak Hub-Hab: A delightful food network in Tagoloan

It was Monday afternoon in March. The sun could not hold its blistering flames as if it were so mad to cast its rage into the atmosphere. The hotness of the sun made people hide from its damaging ultraviolet rays. I did not know how high the temperature was; however, I was certain that sun rays could burn and darken my skin. And yet, that afternoon made me discover a new place to hang out with friends, family members, and loved ones. 

Then, I waited a few moments at the pharmacy. A few people wearing face masks and face shields stood under the canopies of some stores. While I was hiding from the rays of the sun under the pharmacy building, I took a moment to see where to go next. Eventually, I decided to go to a place to cool me down just a little bit. So, from where I stood, I composed myself and had to get myself ready to go to the private school for children. Indeed, I had to be at the private school so that I could cross the street at the pedestrian lane. To be honest, I did not want to jaywalk.

Out of breath after walking in hot broad daylight, I reached the private school for kids. I could not complain; however, I could hardly breathe due to the use of a face mask and face shield. I was upset. Since there was nothing to do, I tried even harder to follow the COVID-19 protocol.

This time, I had to cross the street. Just as I stepped on the first white mark on the pedestrian lane, a car swerved along the street so fast that I took my steps back. A heavy traffic flow caught much of my attention. As I had to wait for a few minutes to let the traffic subside, I kept thinking about where to go next. At this point, I needed to cross the street.

And yes, I succeeded in crossing the street. I just rolled my eyes to see any signs of food outlets, food stores, and other food channels nearby. I had to look for the best place to stay and sip some cold fruit juices. However, I noticed a distinctive food store a few steps from me. Out of my curiosity, I headed toward the store and swung the door open.

“Hi. I need a cup of hot chocolate and six pieces of ‘siomai,’ please.” I said.

“Okay, Sir. Coming right up!” The person at the food counter replied. I never thought she was the owner.

So, I waited for a few seconds. I rolled my eyes again. I sighted the store from corner to corner and found it a perfect venue to hang out with great people. The store had plenty of customers mostly students and professionals, as well as groups of locals. To tell all my readers about this place appeared to be the best thing I could do. The place has been magic, for me, from the entrance to the counter of the store. The grass-like carpet, or at least I described it that way, was fantastic. It was outstanding. I forgot to ask what that was. I just lost my focus on ordering cold fruit juices due to the venue itself. It was lovely. From the internal decorations to the positions of the chairs and tables, it was like one of the coffee shops in Safwa, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I knew what I said because I was there. Well, the unique name of the store, too, is Snak Hub-Hab. I did not know the meaning of the name; however, I was sure that the name of the food store did catch my attention.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your beef shawarma, ice tea, milk tea, fruity shakes, variants of coffee, dim-sum food, siopao and siomai, and more. You can visit the place now as it is easy to get there.

If you are in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental, you can stop right there Snak Hub-Hab alongside LBC and Goldilocks. Again, Snak Hub-Hab is at Zone 11 National Highway, Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental.

From the Era of Viruses to the Flight to Mars

The world, surely at present, is in shock. To consider the longstanding COVID-19 pandemic, we are certain that we get panicked. We are in danger of acquiring, time and again, some diseases, such as Ebola, smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, shingles, hepatitis, herpes, and cold sores, polio, rabies, and Hanta fever that can affect us. The recurrence of African swine fever (ASF) and variants of viruses, as well, generates horrors in the world. It even leaves us to suffer from extreme poverty and what-not. As this era of viruses destroys the economy, we only face the dangers that we ourselves master of our own extinction. Or else, we force ourselves to leave Earth.  

Viruses are real. They come from these mysterious elements that surely affect us. If no people create and design the viruses, then many of us think that these viruses occur due to extreme ecological conditions, such as air pollution and other accumulated toxic materials from the inner and outer space. We know of the various factories, such as petroleum, plastic, and others that endanger lives. However, we do not take precautionary measures. We only speculate the reasons behind this economic and political melodrama. What we know is that air pollution, as well as other ecological problems, is present. The contributing factors of air pollution, such as airplanes, cars, and trains, as well as factories, prove to be the sources of air pollution. Of course, we do not want to be scientific; however, we can say that air pollution because of airplanes, cars, and trains is feasible. So, viruses exist elsewhere.

However, this statement is only an opinion. The idea of this writing does not wish to influence readers. It only asks other factors that contribute to the presence of the viruses, such as COVID-19 and ASF. Besides, numerous people grow agitated at this time due to the emergence of different viruses elsewhere one after another. As the growth and the problem of the viruses continue to expand, are we ready to depart, move, and take some month-long trips to Mars?

Conversely, billionaire Elon Musk serves as the only person who wants to save humanity from the impending destruction. He breaks the limits of science and technology and works hard to cross the edges and rims of human intelligence. As he spearheads TESLA, SpaceX, and Boring Company, he only proves that he can preserve humanity at best while leaving those who cannot afford to make trips to Mars.

Furthermore, people may ask why the viruses have become prominent now and why Elon Musk has announced his plan to go to Mars in 2024. It may be a coincidence though to think; however, it proves a point that the world is not safe anymore. Are people safe from deceit, greed, and lawlessness? Of course, people are not safe anymore. In other words, the world is no longer safe from corruption, dishonesty, falsehood, greed, political drama, and propaganda.

In the end, people need to consider the possibilities of change. Are all these things that are happening now real? Are COVID-19, ASF, and more tangible than we think? People die of hunger and other health complications because they are afraid of going to hospitals and malls. How close are we or how far are we from the truth? We just do not know. What we do not know is that someone must take a stand to solve these problems. We need a more realistic solution – answer without lies. If people continue to lie for the sake of their personal interests and political agenda, we better take some excursions to Mars.