Nasuli Cold Spring Resort: Our summer paradise

Finding a new adventure this summer would always be fun. The search for an excursion, of course, appeared to be even more exciting for me since doing so would let me combat the stress brought about by this long-standing COVID-19 pandemic. And yes, I had enough – struggles and sufferings. For that reason, this summertime would permit me to visit a new place to take some time off and unwind.

And yes, my phone just vibrated. A friend on the other line might talk to me. So, I checked my phone, wondered why my friend wanted to talk to me, and called me this pandemic season for no valid reasons. My friend and I knew the stern quarantine protocols and social distancing policies. However, such a friend called me for an adventure of a lifetime.  

And then, my phone rang again.

“Hi, what’s up?” I just asked. I was a bit excited though. He told me that he and his other friends would go on a day trip to Nasuli Cold Spring Resort.

“What about the quarantine protocols and the social distancing policies?” I asked again.

“Don’t fret. Don’t get panicked. Everything will be all right!”

Finally, I agreed. Anyway, I felt bored all year long. The COVID-19 pandemic did, however, prolong my agony and boredom. I had to go outside and feel the bliss and grace of nature. My fear of going outside waned. So, I asked when we would go. To my surprise, he said we would go two hours after our small conversation. He told me that he would pick me up. So, I had to pack my things up and prepare for my wallets for the expenses.

Well, Nasuli Cold Spring Resort was remarkable. My experience at the resort gave me chances to enjoy my life. One of my friends once told me that life is short. He told me that I should spend my life to the fullest. And yes, he would always be right. I would never have a chance to visit the places where I loved staying and traveling like Nasuli Cold Spring Resort.

Moreover, I took my first plunge. I confirmed that the water was cold. The feeling was nice though. However, I chose to keep all the details of excitement and fun since, for sure, you might have different shares of stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, the cold and revivifying water of Nasuli Spring Resort seemed a seamless means to celebrate life and enjoy my weekend hideaway. I remember a friend of mine who visited the place. Her name is Ms. Bren Gallardo, and she could be an excellent endorser of the resort. I bet! Her instagrammable and picture-perfect photo seemed astounding on social media sites like Facebook as she added glamor and grace to the resort. Maybe, next time, the resort would treat Ms. Bren and her friends, as well as Misamis Oriental Journal free cottage and other amenities for this article (I am just kidding! Who knows the resort would grant me). Ms. Bren Gallardo and her friend(s) highly appreciated the resort very much. Because of Ms. Bren and her friend(s), I decided to take a peek and celebrate life at Nasuli Cold Spring Resort at Barangay Bangcud, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

How Could We Get There

Well, we might ask how we could get there. We just needed to follow the trail.

    • Firstly, we could take a bus at Ecoland Terminal bound for Cagayan de Oro if we were in Davao City. We should tell the bus conductor to drop us off at Barangay Bangcud, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. We needed to make sure that we should go to Nasuli so that the driver could drop us off at the landmark of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Church. From there, we needed to ask for direction from the commercialized single motorcycle drivers to take a walk going to the resort. It would only take 1 kilometer to travel from the INC landmark.
    • Secondly, we could take a bus from Cagayan de Oro bound for Davao, Kibawe, Valencia, or Wao. We needed to inform the bus conductor to drop us off at the landmark of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Church in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

Fees & Rates

    • Cottage Fee @ ₱300.00 – ₱400.00
    • Entrance Fee @ ₱40.00
    • Inflatable Floaters @ ₱50.00
    • Life Jacket @ ₱50.00
    • Table Fee @ ₱200.00

We would surely note that fees and rates mentioned here might show some discrepancies from the time of posting or publishing this article. it would be better if we should contact the management of the resort using the information below.

    • Business Hours: 5 AM – 6 PM (Daily)
    • Contact: 0906-165-6428

Just a Few Reminders

    • We noticed that no lifeguards were on duty. Thus, we had to swim at our own risk.
    • The pool is for everyone. We needed to check, monitor, and watch our children near the pool.
    • We could not purchase alcoholic beverages and cigarettes inside the resort due to prohibition.
    • We could only eat our food at our rented cottages.

So, what are we waiting for? We must pack our things and visit Nasuli Cold Spring Resort at Barangay Bangcud, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

Tinago Island: A paradise of Surigao Del Norte

Local travels are always comfortable and fine. We don’t get to worry about traveling distant places and get panicked by the late arrival to board the planes. Just like some of our friends who got stuck in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the like due to COVID-19, it would be a nightmarish experience for them to eat nothing at the airport and hotel for days since they didn’t have extra money to buy food products. Thus, traveling in the local areas seems appealing and acceptable.

This summer season in the Philippines can be a month-long fun and excitement to dive on beaches and resorts. And yes, this summer getaway can be fun and pleasurable if we get to visit some places safe from quarantine protocols and other restrictions. Tinago Island in Surigao Del Norte can be the best of what we have.

Surigao Del Norte, as a province in Mindanao, Philippines, contains magic and marvel of nature. The beautiful landscapes, the natural spectacles of instragrammable spots for selfies and groupies, and the extending beaches and mountains are the best panoramas to see. The awesome sunsets in the skyline, the sandy beaches with pebbles to collect for our small aquariums, and the sounds of the waves that echo the music of silence into our ears are genuine justifications that Tinago Island in Surigao Del Norte is one real home to stay.

At this point, we need to set our feet to travel and go to Tinago Island. Surprisingly, Tinago Island houses Lapsay Lagoon together with caves, coves, and islets. Lapsay Lagoon, for instance, is a sheltered marine preserve in a group of islands of Barangay Tinago. This Barangay Tinago is in the Municipality of Tagana-an.

In other words, we will check all the beautiful locations and spots in Surigao Del Norte when we visit Tinago Island. A group of friends from Laag Ta Bay can confirm how beautiful and amazing the place is. When we get there, we can do whatever we want to do. Well, the resort owner may offer the following:

    • swimming
    • snorkeling
    • canoeing
    • boating
    • rafting
    • surf/bodyboarding
    • jumping area
    • mountain trekking
    • mangroves tour
    • cottages

However, guests and tourists alike need to remember that some beach activities may have fees ranging between ₱50.00 – ₱150.00.

And yes, you keep on asking how to get there, right?

    • We can go there by car.
    • From Surigao City, we need to follow the map trail until we reach Tagana-an Municipal Hall. It only takes 30 to 45 minutes from Surigao City.
    • Then, we ask where the dock or pier of Tinago Holiday Resort. They somehow mention the direction of Ban Ban Wharf.
    • From Ban Ban Dock or Wharf, we rent a motorboat to take us to the resort. It takes only 10 minutes.

For accommodation, the hotel resort does not provide overnight stays. However, this one isn’t a problem. Plenty of accommodations in Surigao City are always available.

So, what are we waiting for? We need to pack our things up and head on to Surigao Del Norte on Tinago Island. 

Waig Crystal Spring Resort: A place to escape from the frenzied metropolis

One of the prime reasons why we keep on traveling places in moments of silence like this is to escape from the toxic milieu. Toxicity in our social environment, by far, kills us. The boring routine – stay at home, wash hands, wear face masks shields, and make sure to have hand sanitizers. We have enough of this; it truly is slaying us softly like a song killing me softly. As the COVID-19 hit us pretty bad, we fail to do the things we usually do – visiting places with friends and loved ones.

And yes, we say life seems uninteresting at all. We only have neighbors, especially groups of women who tend to engage in the lowest form of communication (gossip), as well as those depressing circumstances of staying at home round the clock due to the quarantine protocols.

Then, summer arrives. Other people choose to visit Waig Crystal Spring Resort. But, we are here being stuck at home. Frustrated as we are, we keep on thinking positive thoughts.  However, we only see how days and nights end without doing meaningful things. We keep on watching movies since Day 1 for the COVID-19 pandemic and lose our grasp of watching those movies over and over again knowing we do not know when to end this COVID-19 pandemic. We just completely lose track of time.

However, we can call our friends and loved ones to take a few moments to consider. And yes, we can travel. We can travel as a group and go somewhere far from the metropolis. We just do not want to be like explosives at home waiting to blow. We have plenty of time to do – at Waig Crystal Spring Resort.

And here we are. We bring Waig Crystal Spring Resort to our readers. We just visited this place once in 2006, and things around here changed. Some readers might have some experiences in the place; it sounded pretty good. This time we may find time to reconnect and beat the odds of monotony. As boredom gets in our way, we know we can do things to handle the stress.  

    • Waig Crystal Spring Resort
    • Purok 8A, Spring Site, North Poblacion,
    • Maramag 8714 Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines
    • Mobile Phone Dials 0921-208-6304 (Smart) and 0917-303-6679 (Globe)

Ethan’s Pool Resort: A lovely resort for a new adventure in Misamis Oriental

Ethan’s Pool Resort is the picture-perfect site to see. The resort serves children and adults for morning and evening swimming. Located at Barangay Bolisong, Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental, this resort gives us the finest offer to have and to hold.

Ethan’s Pool Resort offers a wide pool for guests and visitors. It has a good setting where the ambiance matches the vibes of the natural background. It has good cottages where guests and visitors can choose to put their things for privacy. As well, the pool itself offers a new adventure for children and adults who spend much of their time in terms of pool depths (3ft, 4ft, and 5ft). As such, this pool resort is the perfect place to visit confirmed by MJ Wayan Zagado via Facebook.

A lovely photo courtesy of MJ Wayan Zagado FB Account…
A lovely photo courtesy of MJ Wayan Zagado FB Account…

As well, Ethan’s Pool Resort gives us a new location to set for our new getaway. This new place, somehow, manages to take away our problems. Seeing those happy faces of people who spend quality time with family members and friends surely fades our stress away. Therefore, Ethan’s Pool Resort in Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental seems the handpicked site for our next travel plan.

Additionally, the resort is wallet-friendly. Guests and visits do not spend much money on the entrance fee, cottage fee, and more. Moreover, this resort introduces the following fees.

Morning Entrance Fee (8 AM – 5 PM)

    • ₱30.00 for Adults
    • ₱20.00 for Kids

Evening Entrance Fee (5 PM – 10 PM)

    • ₱40.00 for Adults
    • ₱30.00 for Kids

Cottage prices vary. However, cottage fees range from ₱300.00 to ₱400.00.

Ethan’s Pool Resort, however, offers free life jackets for children. It has room accommodation for an overnight stay with a great environment.

Finally, guests and visitors like us need to visit Ethan’s Pool Resort. This location gives us moments to enjoy ourselves with our family members and friends. So, what are we waiting for? We can dial this number 0917-580-1767 and start asking questions now. Hence, we start packing our things up and travel to Barangay Bolisong, Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental.


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Secret Haven Private Resort: A Pride of Bukidnon

Looking for the finest place to stay this summer is challenging. The challenge springs from various reasons, such as distance and financial costs. Aside from these reasons, we need to observe the quarantine protocols and other social distancing policies. These COVID-19 regulations, sometimes, hamper us from going outside our comfort zones. However, our stubborn characteristics compel us to discover new sites beyond our corridors. As we choose the best venue for us to relax while spending with our family members and friends, we cannot ignore the presence of Secret Haven Private Resort.

A photo was taken from Bibi and Bubu’s Facebook Page… Please click on the highlighted texts.

Secret Haven Private Resort appears to be the best location where we can ponder this summer. Despite the pandemic, this venue gives moments to contemplate. From the mind-numbing feelings, while staying at home to the worrying number of COVID-19 cases on the news, we are certain that we need to explore new places to unwind. By that, we introduce Secret Haven Private Resort and the awesome photo taken from the “Bibi and Bubu” Facebook account.

Well, Secret Haven Private Resort offers us privacy and solitude within the grandeur of nature. We can promenade around the area for sightseeing, take a plunge in the pool, start to build tents to relax, and what-not. In other words, we can have numerous activities to do in the area if we choose to do them. Indeed, we just need to ask the owner of the resort what we can do to make our escapade memorable.

Moreover, Secret Haven Private Resort leaves us to wonder about the site. The time runs out, and we have to decide if we stay. We can ask the site owner for a possible stay. In these trying times, we feel glad to invest in ourselves and spend quality time with family members. If we decide to visit the place now, we can contact the owner through this mobile phone dial 0926-317-2009.

Do we wait for miracles? Of course, we don’t. COVID-19 just hit us pretty bad. We just need to escape from it. So, we have to start packing our things up and head on to our next adventure at Secret Haven Private Resort as the pride of Bukidnon.

Secret Haven Private Resort: Our Bukidnon Pride

Secret Haven Private Resort can be our excellent choice of location, as well as a superb venue for social activities. It is an ideal place for big and small social gatherings, family picnics, and other church services, and group retreats with friends. For people who love to take pictures for their social media posts, this place draws much attention from guests and tourists.

Well, guests and visitors can see where Secret Haven Private Resort is. Located in Vintar, Valencia City, Bukidnon, this private resort surely gives us moments of silence to revel with nature. As shown by a map, this resort is somewhere in Vintar. Imaginably, if we have some activities to do despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we can choose this place to stay safe. Without worrying about the quarantine protocols, guests and tourists can guarantee safe trips and vacations. 

Also, guests can find peace of mind in the area. We know we search for places to relieve stress. We, also, know we can plunge ourselves into the turquoise pool waters with the emerald scenery. As Secret Haven Private Resort has so much more to offer, it simply gives us ways to dive in and celebrate life.

Now, if we go there, we can contact this mobile phone dial (+63)926-317-2009. In the end, we can explore wonders as we truly commune with nature.

3 Things I Did When I Visited Misamis Oriental

Finding meaningful activities on a beach, cold spring, or stream could be fun. We could do a lot of things aside from those countless activities beach parties and binge drinking in Misamis Oriental. Some people might not agree with us; however, we would surely feel we would enjoy doing things out of the ordinary. This season when the heat of the sun truly burnt our skin, we just lost track of time doing important things.

As well, three things I surely did when I visited Misamis Oriental. And I chose the beach, cold spring, or stream to enjoy myself as I took the plunge to quench and refresh my feeling. As COVID-19 hit me pretty bad, I could still have the grasp to spell magic and turn those things to be mystic by collecting pebbles, taking selfies, and unwinding – how about you?

Collect pebbles for our aquariums

Collecting pebbles on a beach, cold spring, or stream for our aquariums would be exciting. Some people might not have the idea of doing this; however, others would do it otherwise. And then, we could choose similar colors and sizes to fill our glass aquariums. The fish would love to swim in the water. Instead of buying these stones for our aquariums, we could collect some of them and take them home.

A collection of pebbles or shingles for aquarium refill.

Take instagrammable photos for recollection

I never thought that finding the best spot for pictorials could be beneficial. For example, drowning our feet in the knee-deep water, standing beside the solitary tree by the beach, and walking on the pebbles and shingles while taking selfies would be an impressive moment to capture the best angle for a photoshoot. Doing so gave us a bewildering moment.  

A group of men and women taking selfies (A photo from freepik).

Unwind to reduce stress and worries

Perhaps, we needed to forget all the stress and worries in life. As COVID-19 truly produced tension and terror among us, we remained barred from doing progressive things. We could never do productive things due to stern quarantine protocols and restrictions. As we kept on waiting to when this pandemic would end, we lost track of time. However, we could do something worthwhile as long as the government allowed us to travel. Well, we could go to the beach, mountain hill, or stream. Just as we had such an opportunity to it, grabbing it would be the best option to make.

Unwinding ourselves by looking at the beach scenery (A photo from freepik).

Visiting our chosen location has been fun. We could do numerous things we rarely did. We would say we had enough for those beach parties and binge drinking. We would say we had to relax and unwind. Well, a few people might beg to disagree with us. For them, those beach activities would be fun. However, collecting pebbles, taking instagrammable photos, and relaxing would be remarkable. Here in Misamis Oriental, we could do a lot of things. As the sun burnt our skin, we needed to quench our feelings by the refreshing beach or stream.


3 Tourist spots guests visit in Misamis Oriental

The summer arrives. The heat of the sun surely burns our subtle skins. With cold water in our tumbler, we gulp it down to quench our thirst. And yes, we know it isn’t enough. So, we think of going to places where we can enjoy and cool ourselves down a bit. Now, let’s start Misamis Oriental as our point of origin for this exploration. For sure, we can find the best venues for relaxation and fun.

Red Sand Beach

Well, we know where Red Sand Beach is. If we try to visit the Jamisolamin Resort in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, we can surely spot and think of a red sand beach where we can enjoy some beach activities. Some people make comments that the sand is not red but tan. Well, let it be. The Jamisolamin Resort describes it as the red sand beach. Who are we to dispute it, anyway? Now, even if many people try to look for white sandy beaches, others try something new and choose the red beach instead. This Red Sand Beach is near Sipaka Heights located in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. However, this beach offers some remarkable views to witness the grandeur of the open sea and the exciting scenery of Camiguin plus the rare beachfront with red sands. If we want to go to Sipaka as the popular destination during Holy Week and the Stations of the Cross, we can go near the Red Sand Beach and take a cool and deep plunge of the refreshing water after a demanding hike.

Red Sand Beach: A unique shore to admire

Villa Arcadia Beach Resort

We surely are talking about Villa Arcadia Beach Resort. We are graced with delight and pleasure as we understand the miracles and wonders of the place. Besides, we will never run out of things to do at Villa Arcadia Beach Resort in Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental. We can do plenty of activities that we love doing. For public information, Villa Arcadia Beach Resort offers great accommodations, such as cottages, billiard tables, children’s playgrounds, mini-zoos, and KTV bars, as well as snorkeling equipment.

Villa Arcadia Beach Resort: A seaside choice to try

El Salvador Beach Front Resort

El Salvador Beach Front Resort is in El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental. It is near Cagayan de Oro. Its shoreline is close to home. The place is quite perfect that we surely want to celebrate life as it is. We can fully imagine how wonderful it is to think to just dive into the water without thinking of the distress and pressure of the crisis at present. We feel happy doing our stuff in the refreshing waters plus the exciting adventures of meeting people in the area. Of course, we can have those food menus that the place waits for us to order.

El Salvador Beach Front: A seaside to consider

Before the summer ends, we work hard to find time to visit these places. It’s a matter of finding means and ways to beat the heat of the sun. We just don’t need cold water in our tumble. We have to plunge ourselves into the deep, cold pool water or beach water in various sites in Misamis Oriental. The question is when we do it? After the pandemic? No, we get our swimming apparel and our adventure attire now to head to the exciting places in Misamis Oriental. For sure, we can enjoy ourselves.