Punta Del Sol Beach Resort: A door to paradise

Punta Del Sol Beach Resort has been a new door to haven. Located in the charming and gorgeous area of Babak District – Samal Island, this beach resort allows us to enjoy with our family members and friends. With the impressive location for family members and friends to have fun, we can say that this beach resort appears to be an ardor and a heart desire of Davao City. Clients and guests alike can surely enjoy the scenery that the metropolis fails to offer. In other words, clients and guests alike can take all the offers and take advantage of the accessibility and handiness and must-see destinations.

A cool and refreshing cerulean blue crystal clear water at Punta Del Sol Beach Resort

Well, Punta Del Sol Beach Resort is at Purok 4, Barangay Catagman, Penaplata, Samal, Babak District – Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines, 8000. It offers some exhilarating and grander services with a comprehensive choice of amenities among clients and guests. Punta Del Sol Beach Resort guarantees that our stay remains as contented as possible. We can, as well, choose our hotel rooms since there are a few hotels in the place plus the luxurious facilities. Aside from that, we can see a car park, a friendly and warm people who keep on asking if we need anything, and another beach resort service in which we can ask if we need to have an airport transfer, family room, and restaurant.

A calm and stunning homegrown place to relax after the upsetting stress

Additionally, clients and guests like us can cherry-pick their specific rooms. With the exciting offers of Punta Del Sol Beach Resort to have 32 rooms and the relaxing atmosphere of the private beach, diving, spa, massage, and kids club, the place serves as the dreamland of complete peace of mind. Moreover, we cannot just ignore to mention the outstanding facilities, as well as the exceptional and first-rate site that makes the Punta Del Sol Beach Resort the unadulterated and picture-perfect place to stay in Davao City.

Furthermore, we do not need to forget the address of the venue. Punta Del Sol Beach Resorts is at Purok 4, Barangay Catagman, Penaplata, Samal, Babak District – Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines, 8000. It is rated by Agoda.Com at 6.4, which means good. If you want to check further details about the place in terms of the booking systems and reservation mechanics, we can go to Agoda site. Just click the highlighted word Agoda to see more updates.

Sinulom Falls: A hidden treasure of nature

We have been talking about Bolao Cold Spring lately. This time we need to mention Sinulom Falls since it is near the area. As well, Sinulom Falls gives us another exciting adventure. Exciting as it is, we can surely enjoy the running water from the Sinulom Falls itself. Well, we do not need to uncover the mystery of why this tourist spot has its unique name. We only need to unfold the truth that Sinulom Falls seems abundant in terms of water in which all people nearby choose to visit the area and take a dive into the water.

We will realize that Sinulom Falls has 28 waterfalls. Before this flowing water reaches Cagayan de Oro to be called Cagayan de Oro River, we can take a glimpse of the eye-catching water and plunge. As nature lovers, we appreciate the areas as it offers us the lavish green landscape that adjoins the place. To imagine it now, we think we make a picnic and adventure into the deep forest.  

Visiting Sinulom Falls and Enjoying it Right Here can be Fun…

As well, Sinulom Falls offers us opportunities to discard pressure and stress. It relaxes our minds as we walk into the destination and step into the rocks. As we head down and tread on the crystal clear waters, our feet and toes begin to relax as the cold water attempts to ease the stress of our legs. We can imagine we stroll around the place where we take our family members and friends to experience and witness the lush green venue for relaxation.

Additionally, Sinulom Falls is seen along Talakag, Bukidnon. However, it is best viewed in Tinagpoloan, Cagayan de Oro. According to a source, the owner of the land of Sinulom Falls is Councilor Jay Roa Pascual. To avoid confusion, Sinulom Falls lies within San Isidro, Talakag, Bukidnon, but the entrance to go there is Barangay Tinagpoloan, Cagayan de Oro.

Enchanting Flowing Water that Relaxes your Feet and Toes

Moreover, we have more options to go to Sinulom Falls. We get there by jeepney or van. However, we better go there using a private vehicle. It seems pretty convenient to use private vehicles to avoid any hullabaloo. However, if we use our vehicles, we make sure that we use a four-by-four (4×4) pick-up type with spiked tires since going to the place appears to be murky when it rains. We can also use our four-by-two (4×2) vehicle if we want; however, we need to leave it at the basketball court.

Finally, we need to prepare some amount of money for the expenses. One website can give us more details. To be sure, we can check out the Happy Trip Website.

Bolao Cold Spring: A new adventure to make

If we want to take a different adventure to look for a new view without spending much money or breaking our bank, we can surely think of going somewhat homegrown and local. We know we have many options to choose from, but we realize we have to consider nature, cold spring, flowing watercourses, and mountainous ranges as well. As we think of the best place to go, we ask ourselves why we fail to include a new place in our list. By then, we can think of going to Bolao Cold Spring. Well, many of us do not have any idea of Bolao Cold Spring. To say, the first face of Bolao Cold Spring is in Barangay San Isidro, Talakag, Bukidnon, and the second face is in Barangay Tinagpoloan, Cagayan de Oro. In other words, Bolao Cold Spring unites two places in one adventure that gives local tourists and vacationers moments of fun and enjoyment.

Dive into the Cold and Refreshing Crystal Clear Water at Bolao Cold Spring

Bolao Cold Spring appears to be one of the stunning and natural-made places in Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon. Local tourists and trekkers recurrently visit, especially if it is summer. It is because Bolao Cold Spring gives us the refreshing cold water that we cannot resist diving into it. The sparkling clear, cool, fresh, and calming water from the Sinulom Falls mesmerizes us to dive. We surely love the ice-cold crystal clear water. We just need to have our food and snacks plus other refreshments since we still have enough time walking in the distance. We just have to trek and pass by the rocky roads with the lavish green mountains nearby. As we head toward the destination, we can reach the narrow footbridge where we can go through it and settle ourselves in the simple, yet home-produced cottage. 

Witness the Natural-Made Wonder at Bolao Cold Spring
Welcome to Footbridge Going to Bolao Cold Spring



Now, we see the crystal water just feet away. We grow excited as we get nearer. We then decide to disrobe ourselves and approach the cool and refreshing waters. Well, we can verify that this place gives us fun and excitement in the local setting as we step into the water.  To be sure, we can invite our friends and relatives, or even the whole community to visit the place. We do not need to worry about the budget. We just need a few dollars or pesos to spend. Therefore, the next time to set our plans for a new adventure, we have to choose Bolao Cold Spring near Sinulom Falls in Tinagpoloan, Cagayan de Oro.

Finally, if we want to go there, the best step to make is to visit the tourism office of Cagayan de Oro. Well, this Office has all the details. Please check it out.

Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village: Go for it

One of the ultimate presents that we can give to ourselves is the moment we go away from the hassle and to settle in a new environment. It does not mean that going away from our social circle is escaping from reality. It is just that we find ourselves happier than we only stay in one place and get bored with the community where badmouthing and gossip flourish. We just need to run away from those people who always tell lies and spread rumors against another – the speakers of lies. We just need to unwind. We just have to relax, while listening to the buzzing cicadas and the chirping of the birds nearby. We just need to escape from the highlights of the agony of those bustling sounds of the stereo from our neighbors who do not care for other people. We do not mean that we hate the place right away. We just need to escape from the routine that dictates us to do this and that. At this point, we just need to think of visiting Barangay Cugman, Cagayan De Oro, Philippines, 9100 and spend our days and nights at the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village as our new home to relax.

Stay to Relax at the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village

Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village has been around for years. Designed for both corporate and holiday travel, this exciting venue for relaxation attracts vacationers, as well as those people who choose to find solace and comfort. Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village in East Cagayan De Oro provides us convenience and peace of mind. We can dive into the cerulean blue pool waters, eat at the over-looking cottage and remarkable restaurant, stay in a cozy bed while watching our favorite films, or drink a hot cup of coffee or chocolate beverage. If we need something, we have easy access to all things that the village offers. Local and foreign tourists alike call it an anchorage or a sanctuary of relaxation. Well, Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village offers and proposes satisfactory or even excellent accommodations and services that enrich our stay in Cagayan De Oro. As the village provides a car park, a room service, a restaurant, a staff tour, a coffee shop, and the like, we can feel that we have everything that the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village has to offer.

Our Convenient Stay Begins here at the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village

As well, Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village receives positive reviews from guests across the country and other foreign tourists. In terms of excellent service, the village obtains 8.1 ratings; 7.2 very good for cleanliness; and 86% for the exceptional reputation recommended by guests. Of all 117 reviewers, Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village obtains an inclusive rate of 7.5. Well, it is very good.

Eating at the Table While Watching the Green Scenery at the Gardens of Malasag

Now, if we want to go to the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village, we can, also, check Agoda.Com to know for more details. We can even book our airport transfer in advance so that we can a greater peace of mind. Once we use the Agoda.Com website, we can go directly to “Let Us Know What You Need A Section” of the booking page. In this way, we allow the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village to know if we want to book a ride. Agoda.Com can, as well, contact us by the use of the Agoda messaging service. In the end, if we drive our cars, we can just park right on the venue for maximum convenience. Well, did we mention that car parking is free? Yes, car parking is free for its guests as it is home to unwind.

PostScript: Please click the word Agoda for more details.

Mahaba Island: Discovering a miracle to embrace

Traveling beyond the province of Misamis Oriental after the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be an exciting adventure. Spending memorable moments outside Misamis Oriental does not mean that the province does not have awesome beach resorts but that going out of the comfort zone seems venturesome. Well, if we try to cherry-pick Mahaba Island as our place to go, then we can surely get a nice tour to Mahaba Island with our Cuatros Islas adventure in Leyte. Surprisingly, the place Cuatros Islas has been everything. We definitely have some pleasurable and astounding activities. Besides, Mahaba Island can be one of the best tourist beach destinations in the country. We know we are true as we see the white sand beaches. These white sand beaches that comfortably fill between our toes, the translucent with cerulean blue waters with a flamboyant and blossoming underwater ecosystem that catch our eyes, and the craggy beach escapades that give us some sort of excitement, somehow, offer us moments to unwind while eliminating the strain and tension of busy life in the metropolis.

A Nice Plunge into the Cerulean Blue and Turquoise Water in Inopacan, Leyte

How to Get There

If we are anywhere in the country, Philippines or in the world, we need to know the nearest airport known as the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport, also known as Tacloban City Airport (Leyte). Well, we can also land on the Mactan Cebu International Airport (Cebu) if we wish to settle there.

By Air

Excitingly, we can check the fastest way to get to the group of islands by booking a flight from our location to Tacloban.

Once we are in Tacloban, we can get on an automobile or van traveling to Inopacan town. Well, the fare from Tacloban main proper to Inopacan is around ₱250. This trip will take us approximately 3 hours. Once we in Inopacan town, we can then rent a boat for island hopping. That is fun, isn’t it? The rental rates for boats depend on the number of members in a group. We can still spend overnight on one of the islands if we want to do it.

An Aerial View of Mahaba Island in Leyte

Entrance Fee and Other Charges

Facilities Price Details
Cottage Rental Fee ₱300 – ₱500 (Open/Closed Cottage, Day Trip); ₱50 (Additional Charge for Overnight Cottage Use)
Camping Fee ₱50 (Tent Pitching) & ₱200 (Tent Rental)
Island Hopping Boat Rates ₱2500 (maximum of 10 PAX); ₱3000 (11-20 PAX); ₱4000 (21-30 PAX); ₱500 (Additional Charge for Overnight Boat Rental)
Environmental Fee ₱10
Others ₱10 (maintenance fee charged by the barangay); ₱50 (maintenance fee charged by the LGU); ₱50 (charge for cooking)

We Can Only Remember This!

What’s more, Mahaba Island offers us that long stretch of sugary white sand, which appears to be soft enough to fit impeccably between our toes. We can testify that the waters of Mahaba Island can be mirror-like. We can definitely see the white sand right it. We can take several photographs of the eye-catching and good-looking beachscape interspersed by the rock formations and the credible coconut trees. As well, we can satisfy with the cool and refreshing waters, get a tan skin, or pass the time taking the whole thing in. From the shore, we can see the coral reef more than a few meters away, which can be a good place to snorkel.

Don’t Forget!

We can, as well, take enough time to relax. However, we have to bring enough cash before leaving for Inopacan. We may not be able to remove once we reach town and start island hopping. If some of us do not want to rent and then pay extra charges, we can bring our own snorkeling gear and camping equipment. We can bring our own ready-to-eat meals and drinks. If we plan to spend the entire day and night on the island, we can purchase some fresh food and have someone cook it for us for a fee. We can just leave no trace behind as we keep our things dry. We just need to have our camera and phone ready, as well as our power banks.

Lethal Blast in Beirut, to call for global support

The deadly blast in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, tallied at least 137 dead people plus more than 5,000 wounded individuals. Such an explosion caused pervasive losses of the Lebanese economy.

However, the transnational community communicated its empathy and camaraderie regarding the serious, yet tragic incident. Country leaders around the world have been sending international aid to help Lebanon rebuild its destroyed buildings and make medical services available among those who received injuries. These country leaders, then, vowed to help the country to recuperate and make progress.

FRANCE. The office of President Emmanuel Macron announced that France would send six tonnes of health equipment necessary for the hospitals to save lives and wounded individuals. As well, France would, also, send 55 security personnel plus 10 emergency doctors to Beirut to ensure that medical services would materialize. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian of France said on Twitter that France would always be on the side of Lebanon and its people. He, furthermore, said that France has been ready to offer assistance whatever the Lebanese authorities needed.

THE UNITED STATES. President Donald Trump expressed that the United States stood ready to provide support to Lebanon. However, he could not refrain to describe that the massive explosion could be a possible attack. Even though no direct evidence to substantiate this allegation, President Trump expressed at a White House briefing that the blast looked like a terrible attack. On the contrary, two US officials, names withheld, cited that it was uncertain where Trump received his information. The officials, also, said that the lethal explosion would back up what the Lebanese representatives openly indicated.

The Horrifying Aftermath of Blast in Beirut, Lebanon

THE UNITED KINGDOM. Prime Minister Boris Johnson asserted that Britain would stand all set to offer any support to help Beirut. As well, British Junior Education Minister Nick Gibb articulated his sentiments to the BBC radio that Britain has been working instantly to deliver financial and technical help to Lebanon.

IRAN. President Hassan Rouhani stood ready to help Lebanon. He mentioned that he would make medical aid available to Lebanon to help treat the wounded. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed his sentiments with thoughts and prayers via Twitter.

SAUDI ARABIA. The foreign ministry of Saudi Arabia vowed to offer full support and solidarity to Lebanon and its people.

TURKEY. Mustafa Ozbek, an Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) helped search for the survivors to dig through the debris and to recover dead bodies. The group did, also, organize a kitchen at a Palestinian expatriate camp in Lebanon to distribute food to those victims and those who needed most. He added that the group assisted with an ambulance to transfer patients to the hospitals. Furthermore, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey was all set to deliver humanitarian aid.

The Cataclysm in Beirut to create Fear and Misery in Lebanon Population

Among those countries that helped Lebanon, PALESTINE under the governance of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas; ISRAEL from the Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz and Gantz and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi; EGYPT under the governance of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi; QATAR; KUWAIT; TUNISIA; RUSSIA; NETHERLANDS; and CYPRUS.


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PhilHealth Mafia: The greatest crime of the year

The anti-fraud legal officer Thorrsson Montes Keith of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) has just resigned. However, he unfolded the conspiracy and scam that existed in the PhilHealth agency. He called the Phil-Health mafia the crime of the year. On Tuesday, Mr. Keith pointed out the recent anomalies within the PhilHealth agency that resulted in the loss of P15-billion in the state insurer’s funds.

Mr. Keith appeared at the Senate committee of the whole investigation concerning PhilHealth scandal. He mentioned that the execution of the provisional repayment mechanism, the procurement of exorbitant information, and the communication technology equipment remained very challenging.

Transactions at the PhilHealth Office

As well, Mr. Keith presumed that the money spent and stolen based on his observation appeared to be more or less than ₱15 billion. Mr. Keith, as well as other officials, tendered his resignation after the controversial meeting. That meeting spiraled into a debate for fervent interactions over PhilHealth’s supposedly high-priced IT system. Mr. Keith revealed that the purported culture of corruption in the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation was due to the constant operation of a mafia-like consortium.

Indeed, Mr. Keith shared his views that these PhilHealth scammers have plans to use the money of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to supplant the stolen amount. 


Ramos, C. M. (4 August 2020). PhilHealth mafia’ pocketed P15-B worth of funds, says ex-anti-fraud exec. Retrieved August 6, 2020, from https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1316435/philhealth-mafia-pocketed-p15-b-worth-of-funds-says-ex-anti-fraud-exec

The Philippines loses its battle against China

On Monday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned that China held possession of the South China Sea. He, as well, accentuated that the United States’ come back to the former naval base in the Southeast Asian country could only hoist a threat of war. In fact, President Duterte discoursed about the maritime dispute in his fifth state of the nation address. This discussion regarding the territorial conflict becomes the center of conflict between China and the United States in the area.

Meanwhile, critics of the Philippine President Duterte continued to remind the president’s decision to handle the territorial dispute. To respond to the criticisms, President Duterte acknowledged that he was incompetent in his territorial claims. He said that China claimed the South China Sea and that the Philippines did, too. However, he emphasized that China has advantages – the fleet strengths, the aircraft carriers, the submarines, the destroyers and frigates, the corvettes, and the coastal patrols, which the Philippines does not have them. In other words, the Philippines cannot make its way to defend itself if China attacks the country. The United States, as well, cannot even beat China’s power.

Source: GlobalFirepower.Com

Moreover, President Duterte knew his stand. He even recognized China’s power. He said that his reason to take a step back on the South China Sea dispute was simple – the Philippines has not had any force to compete with China. “They own the property… so what can we do?” President Duterte added.

Finally, the Philippines loses its fight against China over the South China Sea.


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