Amaya View: You make our dreams come true

We are all explorers. We’re not saying that we are Dora, The Explorer, by nature. However, we go places because we need to explore great locations and sites for excitement and fun. Whether we are extroverts or introverts, there comes a time when we choose to roam around our corridors and then expand our horizons. We do that as long as we have the money and opportunity to trek. This personal attribute, surely, confirms that we inherit our desire to travel and move around places from our wandering roots – our ancestors long before they realized the joy of traveling.

And yes, we’re nomads. We can’t begin to imagine that we lose so much time waiting for this COVID-19 pandemic to subside. We can’t think of any; we only have the chance to roam around places where we used to visit. And yes, we can’t forget Amaya View.

Amaya View continues to develop sites to spend with family members and friends. It has an Infinity Pool, a Hotel, a Hugo Sky Lounge, a Larry’s Hill, Noah’s Ark, and its recent – the Skywalk. It offers all these exciting spots for great adventures because the Amaya management knows what guests and visitors love. For that reason, Amaya gives the Skywalk for all guests and visitors to witness the magnificence of Cagayan de Oro.

Well, the Skywalk, which is 165 meters long and a 150-foot high hanging bridge, gives guests and visitors excitement and fun. The fun is real when guests and visitors manage to walk on it. The high altitude gives a good view. Located at the hilltop of Barangay Indahag, Cagayan de Oro, this Skywalk, being inaugurated on April 18, 2021, adds to the grandeur and exciting location in the region.

A Walk in the Sky at Skywalk – Amaya View in Cagayan de Oro
A New Location to Enjoy with Kids at Noah’s Ark – Amaya View
A Visit to a Hobbit House and Stay there for a While – Amaya View
When You Visit Amaya View for a Vacation, You Can Stay Here
We’ve Been at Larry’s Hill Before. We Can Come Back, Too
Of Course, this Turquoise Pool Water Draws Our Attention
Now, Enjoy Some Exciting Treats at Amaya View
What Are You Waiting For? Make Your Reservations Now

Now, Skye Walk is in Amaya View’s All-Access Pass. You as guests and visitors need to pay ₱P200.00 for adults and ₱P150 for kids. Such certain amounts cover the fees for the “Main Entrance” and “Noah’s Ark.” However, you, also, have to pay an additional amount of ₱150.00 for adults and ₱100.00 for kids for the wristbands to be in the Skywalk escapade.

What are you waiting for this time? It’s not too late to go around places while we are able to make some fun. Since Amaya View is in Cagayan de Oro, we don’t have any reason to miss this site. And when you decide, you have this contact number to call 0917 149 0641, or a website to visit and explore. Do it now make your dream come true.


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