Finding the best location for relaxation is no longer a challenge. If you’re from Misamis Oriental, you can search for different tourist sites like ALGEMY BEACH RESORT in Tagoloan. Hence, this tourist attraction seems perfect for you if you are near town.

At Algemy Beach Resort, you can book your way in and negotiate prices if possible. You may be asking about the entrance fee. Of course, you only pay a dime because the resort’s entrance fee is at a bare minimum. Aside from that, cottages and rooms at low prices are available for your convenience. If you are wondering why I fail to mention the entrance fees and cottage and room rates, it does not mean that I put a thrill into the situation. It only means that you need to contact the management of the resort for further negotiation.

A lot of people are asking about the vibe of the resort. At Algemy Beach Resort, you can use the pool or you can go outside the perimeter and swim in the ocean. This scenario is possible because it’s a beach and pool resort.

At Algemy Beach Resort, you experience quality time. You manage to control time and spend it with your family members and friends. These days when people live in uncertainties give you the outlook to consider breaking the monotony. You need to celebrate life with your family members and friends because time is short. Hence, planning your small trips with loved ones is the best time to enjoy your time and the rest of the year.

Yes, looking for a place to unwind is no longer a problem. Come and see the beauty of Algemy Beach Resort at Zone 4, Barangay Baluarte, Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental. Visit our Facebook Page (Misamis Oriental Journal) and look for beach and spring resorts to celebrate life. So, what are you waiting for?


Are you looking for a place to relax? You can visit Brenda Mage’s little paradise called HINAGU-AN NATURE PARK. This park gives you the vibe of nature to unwind from the hassle of the day. At Hinagu-an Nature Park, you can sense the comfort of life.

At Hinagua-an Nature Park, you can stroll and wander off the garden with flowers and plants. You can stay at the A-Houses paraded in line. You can stay overnight and enjoy the evening. Aside from that, you can hear the sound of the river waters that splash against the rocks nearby. 

Brenda Mage’s friends are there, too. They are friendly and welcoming. When you ask for something, they can accommodate you right away. In other words, their friendly approach to guests is remarkable. 

What is nice about the park is the view. It is green and panoramic. Considering the entrance fee, which is P20.00, you can afford to invite friends and loved ones. Thus, you can enjoy the bonding and interactions with friends and loved ones. 

So, what you are waiting for? Visit Brenda Mage’s little paradise at Riverside 2, Barangay Solana, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. See you there. 


The Fall of Harry Roque

Harry Roque’s fall from grace in the Philippine political scene was influenced by various factors, including controversies and allegations about his personal life. A prominent lawyer and politician, Roque initially gained recognition as a human rights advocate. However, his decision to serve as the spokesperson for President Rodrigo Duterte, known for his controversial policies and the violent war on drugs, marked a significant shift in his career. This role alienated many of his former allies and supporters in the legal and human rights communities.

Roque’s public image suffered further due to frequent gaffes and contentious statements, which eroded his credibility. Inconsistent positions, such as his initial opposition and later support for the anti-terrorism law, painted him as opportunistic. His failed Senate bid in 2019 highlighted his declining influence. Additionally, there were persistent rumors and allegations regarding Roque’s personal life, including an alleged relationship with a supranational male model. These rumors, although never substantiated with concrete evidence, contributed to the negative perception of his character and judgment.

Roque’s political alignment with Duterte’s administration, loss of support from his original base, controversies, and failed political ambitions culminated in his diminished role in Philippine politics. Indeed, these factors illustrate the complexities and multifaceted nature of his fall from grace.


Are you looking for a place to unwind this season? CASA LOURNESA gives you the vibe of nature to relax. Aside from that, it brings you excitement and fun as you enjoy pool activities.

Casa Lournesa catches the attention of guests for several reasons. Firstly, the resort can be a perfect place for a family getaway. Secondly, it can be where friends can celebrate friendship and joy. Thirdly and lastly, it is a place for people who love to stay overnight and to feel the evening breeze.

At Casa Lournesa, you can use the swimming pool, the grilling area, and the kitchen utensils for cooking. You can have your tents if you want. Additionally, you can use WiFi if you’re going to upload your photos. Moreover, you can sing karaoke because the resort has a karaoke set and TV.

Of course, this resort is for exclusive use. Book on its Facebook Page or contact this phone dial: 0917-712-0960.


Are you looking for a resort this June? Well, you can visit SPRING VIEW RESORT in Solana, Jasaan. It is located at Riverside 2, Barangay Solana, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. This resort gives you the vibe to spend quality time with family members and friends. Whatever activities you do, Spring View Resort answers your wish while giving you time to relax and unwind.

At Spring View Resort, you have plenty of cottages and pools to pick. You can have cottages named after the precious stones in the world, such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, and many others. Aside from that, you can dive and swim with your loved ones. Hence, you can experience the beauty of life.

Additionally, Spring View Resort gives you a positive vibe to unwind. If you have problems in life, you have the resort that tries to comfort you and ease your difficult issues. Indeed, you can untangle your problems when you take time to think and let everything go.

What are you waiting for? Gather your family members and friends and take them to the resort. You can ask questions at 0955-936-2465. However, the management does not accept phone bookings and reservations.



Are you looking for a resort to spend with family members and friends? If you are, Matangale Alibuag Dive Resort is here for you. It gives you time to relax and unwind to experience the beauty of the place.

At Matangale Alibuag Dive Resort, you can experience the Garden Suite at PHP5,000.00/night. The garden suite has bedrooms to choose from, and it is good for four (4) people to have a complimentary breakfast.

Aside from that, you do not need to pay the entrance fees if you are a house guest. If you only swim and take time to dive without using the garden suites, you need to pay a PHP150.00 entrance fee. The beach and pool are free for house guests. What are you waiting for?

Don’t hesitate to call or text the management at 09163039415, 09163360929, and 09289009302. You can send messages to [email protected] or access its Facebook page at and Instagram at



It is a destination to visit on all occasions. Lagoon Beach Resort has the following: a Swimming Pool, Hotel, Restaurant, and Function Hall. It is located in Gitagum, Misamis Oriental. It is near the Laguindingan Airport. One more thing, it is also a perfect place to celebrate your wedding.

Lagoon Beach Resort is a perfect place to bond with family members and friends. Whether on holidays, meetings, birthdays, or wedding celebrations, you are in the right spot to enjoy.

At Lagoon Beach Resort, you are one hour away from the city of Cagayan de Oro. It is near, right? So, here are the things you need to know:

Rooms / Apartment Rate

    • Hotel rooms (2 persons) – 2,250
    • Family room ( 6 persons ) – 6,000
    • Extra Person without bed – 400
    • Free use of the swimming pool

Swimming Pool Rate

Monday to Thursday

    • Adults 150 pesos
    • Kids 12 years old and below and senior citizens 75 pesos

Friday to Sunday

    • Adults 200 pesos
    • Kids and senior citizens 75 pesos
    • Infants ( O -11 months ) free

Cottages / Table Rate

    • Cottage from 9 AM till 5 PM – 1,000 / from 5 PM till 9 PM – 750
    • Table 350 Pesos
    • Chair 50 Pesos

For more inquiries, do not forget to call 09276400728 or 09757549139.


Are you looking for a resort that gives you peace of mind? You can visit Mat-i Mountain Resort at Purok 4, Matabang, Mat-i, Naawan, Misamis Oriental. You can easily access the fully-cemented road from the National Highway. It is seven (7) kilometers from 7-Eleven Naawan. So, pack your things now and visit Mat-i Mountain Resort. 

Business Hours: Open from Monday to Sunday (7 am to 6 pm) Rates/Accommodation: Entrance: P100/Head

Day use (Treehouses with Hammock)

    • Narra 1 Treehouse – Php 2,400 (Max. of 20 pax)
    • Narra 2 Treehouse (w/o air-conditioned room) – Php 2,500 (20 pax)
    • Gmelina 1 – Php 1,400 (Max. of 10 pax)
    • Gmelina 2 – Php 1,050 (Max. of 7 pax)


    • Bamboo Cottage – Php 700 (Max. of 6-7 pax)
    • Kalube Cottage – Php 600 (Max. of 6 pax)
    • Carrot Cottage – Php 500 (Max. of 5 pax)
    • Overlooking Carrot Cottage –  Php 600 (Max. of 6 pax)
    • Air-conditioned Room – Php 3,000 for 20 pax

Videoke Room (air-conditioned) – Hourly rate: 200/hr

Day use: 2,500 for 15-20 pax

    • Overnight rates:
    • Check-in: 2 PM
    • Check-out: 12 NN

Air-conditioned Room

    • Overnight: Php 3,500 for 6 pax (additional 200 per excess person)
    • Tent rental for overnight stay: Php 300 + Php 200/pax

Guests may swim in three spring pools with flowing water:

    • Kiddie Pool
    • 25-Meter Infinity Pool
    • Blue Infinity Pool

Swimming Pool Dress Code

    • Allowed: Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, and Lycra
    • Not Allowed: Cotton, Denim, or other regular clothing

Cellular Signal:

    • Signal strength varies from time to time (weather conditions or network used)
    • A WiFi Loading Area is Available (1 hour for 5 PhP)

Food and Beverages

    • There is no restaurant or store inside the resort in the meantime
    • You may bring your food and beverages (No corkage fee applied)
    • The nearest sari-sari store is within walking distance from the resort

Guests also enjoy

    • Sanitary restrooms and showers
    • Free parking and free use of the grill
    • Fiberglass statues
    • Instagrammable spots
    • 360-degree view of nature

The function hall is now fully operational. For more inquiries, please get in touch with their phone dials at 0946 958 9657 or 0926 271 6207. Please note that the cell signal is unstable in the area so their employees may be unable to attend to your calls at all times. Thank you for being so understanding.