CANIBAD BEACH: Your place on Samal Island

Have you been to Samal Island? Well, you can get a chance to pay a visit to Canibad Beach. This beach resort brings you to the place where you can take your selfies. The surrounding is picture-perfect that you cannot ignore your camera phones. In other words, it is an all-in-one destination for fun and enjoyment. Its soft sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters lure you to visit. Though the road going there is bumpy and rough, you have to agree that it is worth the risk.

Entrance Fee and Other Charges

    • Cottage Rents: Open Cottage (P450 day trip, P650 overnight); Non-AirCon Cottage good for 4 pax (P1000 day trip, P1800 overnight); AirCon Cottage good for 2 pax (P1800 day trip, P2500 overnight)
    • Entrance Fees: P30; P40 (day tour); P80 (overnight)
    • Tent Corkage Fees: P50 (for 2 pax); P100 (for 4 pax); P150 (for 5 pax and above)

Just Remember

You can run around the beach and drench the heat each time you take a deep plunge. The surroundings that Canibad Beach holds are scenic. The distinctive rock foundations standing and towering over the soft sand create the vibe of nature.

Pay Attention to this

You need to have cash if you stay in the resort. You can encounter a bumpy ride to the resort. As well, you need to bring with you your snacks and drinks.

Plan to Get there

You can choose Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines to fly recurrently from Manila to Davao City to Canibad Beach. You can take the jeepneys bound for Sasa Wharf if you reach Davao City. From there, you can take taxis, which cost up to ₱150. Right there, you can take regular ferries going to and from Samal Island. After arriving at the ferry terminal on Samal Island, you take commercial motorcycles going to the beach.

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José Luis Martín C. Gascón: Human rights’ defender

José Luis Martín C. Gascón stands as the defender of human rights. His duty to preserve the rights of all Filipino citizens is his main agenda. Using the mandate of the Constitution, José Luis Martín C. Gascón works so hard to protect those who cannot safeguard themselves in this free world. As a Filipino lawyer, civil organizer, and human-rights activist, José Luis Martín C. Gascón succeeds in leading the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines.

Serving a term from 2015 to 2021, José Luis Martín C. Gascón manages to defy the odds. He faces challenges concerning human rights violations committed by a few government leaders. He courageously and steadfastly confronts his horrors facing some powerful people that try to mar human rights. His encounter with powerful people that bring unparalleled human rights violations makes him even stronger even if his life is at risk. He fights, and he learns to be stronger than ever. However, the COVID-19 pandemic kills him.

According to CHR Spokesperson Jacqueline Ann de Guia, José Luis Martín C. Gascón’s fight for democracy, freedom, and human rights is remarkable. She claims that Mr. Gascón’s approach to fighting for human rights, upholding the rule of law, and preserving democracy out of cavernous admiration is incomparable. He goes above and beyond to fight for the equal rights and dignity of the Filipino people.

Now, José Luis Martín C. Gascón is gone. His aspirations to uphold human rights and human freedom resemble faith and hope. His desire to embrace democracy and freedom thrives because people choose to be free from bondage, captivity, oppression, and slavery. His persistent motive to fight for the collective values of freedom, justice, and truth as the essential elements in the pursuit of human rights must enshrine upon us.


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Bolao Cold Spring and Sinulom Falls

Do you want to take your adventure somewhere else? How about a cold spring and a pool? Well, you do not need to go far. Bolao Cold Spring and Sinulom Falls are just a drive away.

Bolao Cold Spring and Sinulom Falls are just a drive away. Trekking Sinulom Falls, for instance, gives you a close distance to Bolao Cold Spring. As Sinulom Falls is at Barangay Tambo, Tignapoloan, Cagayan de Oro, you can visit Bolao Cold Spring, too.

Importantly, guests like you can choose different package rates for two different venues of activities:

Bolao Cold Spring

You need to pay ₱110.00 an adult. As well, you need to contribute ₱60.00 a kid. However, you can have ₱90.00 for Patient-With-Disability (PWD) or Senior Citizen (SC). However, the rate for cottage depends on the number of group members.

Sinulom Infinity Spring Pool

You need to pay ₱110.00 an adult and ₱60.00 a kid. As well, you can pay ₱90.00 for Patient-With-Disability (PWD) or Senior Citizen (SC). However, the rate for cottage depends on the number of group members.

One more thing, you need to pay the required down payment to secure a reservation. To do that, you can call or text the management @ 0917 722 4999.

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Costa Marina Beach Resort: A charm to witness

Are you looking for an exciting destination these next few months? Are you thinking of a white sand beach that surprises you with wonder? Well, you need to visit Costa Marina Beach Resort this time. It is as if you get a chance. You can even begin to witness and think that this beach resort is one of the exciting excursions to make. As long as you can settle your duties on a daily basis, meet the COVID-19 protocols, and fix important and relevant things, you can go to an alluring gallery of adrenaline-charged and enthralling vacations.

As guests, you can smell the fresh beach water fumes when you get near them. Like the immaculate sea breeze in the morning drift, you can imagine how Mother Nature responds. Of course, you need to see Costa Marina Beach Resort as its best view – the perpetual paradise in the open. You manage to step on the sand and play with friends. However, you need to imagine the whisper of the beach water that can erase your footprints.

And yes, Costa Marina Beach Resort needs you today. You can call the beach resort by phone at (082) 233 1209. You do not need to be scared. It is easy to locate. This beach resort is located at Barangay Limao, Samal District, Island Garden City of Samal.

Now, start booking. The COVID-19 will, soon, be over, and Costa Marina Beach Resort must be on top of your list. More than these, Costa Marina Beach Resort is a budget-friendly resort with low entrance rates, good room accommodations, and fantastic meals. You need to go now. Wherever you are, you need to go to the city proper of Davao. In Davao City, you need to take a taxi bound for Sasa. Right there in Sasa, tell the driver to drop you off at the Paradise Island Resort and Costa Marina Ferry Port. It seems great news. From the ferry port to Costa Marina, you only need to pay ₱ 15.00 a person for a boat fare for about 15 minutes.

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