Unicorn Startup to Go Bankrupt on Facebook Ads

You may surprise this news, but it is true. Unicorn Startup Company wishes to thrive in the market and spends its effort and time putting its money on Facebook Ads. However, what the company does not expect is that it only jeopardizes its plan to succeed in the process. As the famous advice, some experts would say “it is better not to save on marketing advertisements like Facebook.” In other words, Unicorn Startup has plenty of time and opportunities to earn more rather than to close its business out of time and tune.

The Unicorn Company as an American startup business decides to run its commercial company. Producing an E-Scooter startup, its manager uses Facebook ads and spends its money there for quite some time. Until recently, Unicorn faces tremendous news that its operations go awry and bankrupt.

Unicorn’s overconfidence and trust in Facebook Advertisements led to its failure. The company desired to make and peddle e-scooters for $699. In fact, as a startup, the company needed to focus on how they could sell more scooters. The company had only 350 pre-orders for the e-scooters, and this number could grow more if employees worked hard to sell it and if other employees were supportive to manufacture more.

However, Unicorn Company wished to put all its money into Facebook Advertising. It just realized that it could succeed in the market since several users and social media visitors clicked and viewed Facebook Ads. Of course, the company thought that Facebook advertising yielded positive results among small-scale and large-scale corporations to promote their products and services. This notion allowed Unicorn Company to believe that Facebook Ads would do the same thing for it. As Unicorn Company considered Facebook a great help, it did overlook to see the negative side of the problem. Not all businesses found success on Google and Facebook. Sometimes, Google and Facebook channels offered effective commercial advertising campaigns, but they sometimes did not deliver positive results.

Accordingly, Founder and CEO of the Unicorn startup Nick Evans began writing letters of apologies. Nick Evans started to send apology letters and promised to refund the money of their shareholders and other constituents. Moreover, Nick Evans emphasized that he had to sell his assets to reimburse his losses despite the repercussions of his actions.

Now, if you were Nick Evans, would you still invest all your money on Facebook Advertising the next time around? Or would you try another plan if you gained another financial resource?

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How Samsung Lied about Galaxy-Fold Sales

On December 16, 2019, Noah Harris reported at TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin that President Sohn Young-Kwon of Samsung Electronics formally declared the sales data of Galaxy-Fold Smartphones. Harris stated that Samsung President recounted the first smartphone with a flexible display. Sohn Young-Kwon, according to Harris, informed the public that customers purchased one million Galaxy Folds.

The report of the sales of Galaxy-Fold Smartphones did not offer promising market income. However, Sohn-Young-Kwon bizarrely touched the market with its price tag around $2,000.00. As well, the creation and the production of the Galaxy Folds that fold horizontally like small books offered some exciting features and looks.

Soon after, some Samsung Electronics representatives, however, said that Samsung Electronics President lied. They confirmed that the president’s information was inaccurate. Selling approximately a million Galaxy-Fold smartphones was rough in which the sales of these phones did not exceed the mark of one million units.

Some Samsung Electronics representatives and leaders, as reported, committed an error by using the planned figures of last year. Instead of using the new figures, the President made numerous claims that the current year instead of the actual sales volume was the right information to disclose. According to tech analysts, Galaxy Fold Smartphone sales would range from 400 to 500 thousand units.

However, the sales of Samsung Galaxy Folds would expectedly hit the chart in 2020 and 2021. Choi Bo-Young who is Kyobo Securities analyst believed that Samsung would sell 6 million units of its foldable phone in 2020 and 20 million units in 2021. He then added that the prices of Galaxy Fold Smartphones would plummet little by little after that as it would compel the company to produce more foldable handsets rather than the foldable phones.

Indeed, as the question of why Samsung Chair, Sohn Young-Kwon, lied about the sales of Galaxy-Fold Smartphones, the answer remained obvious that marketing strategies are complex to imagine. Without a doubt, marketing officers and leaders would make sure that their products would sell despite their actions whether or not they would tell any words of deceptions to the public. Should they lie about that? I bet, they shouldn’t.

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China To Start Face Scanning for SIM Card Buyers

Would you like to get your face scanned when buying SIM cards? Do you think your rights were not violated? Why do you think your government scans your faces? And for what?

Months ago, the Chinese government required all mobile phone and SIM card buyers to get the faces scanned. The government commanded this new procedure when SIM card buyers get new ones for verification purposes. Cellular providers, for instance, have to require their clients to submit their ID and scan the faces to prevent future deceits and fraud activities. As well, cellular providers promise to help clients and customers to ward off hoaxers and impostors especially when reselling SIM cards to the illegitimate users. In this case, the Chinese government and cellular providers can protect the rights of citizens in cyberspace.

As well, some Chinese regulators decided to implement this policy based on numerous benefits. Chinese regulators administer this face recognition and extend it to the various domestic daily services, as well as modes of payments, community transport rides, hotel registration and reservation processes, and many others.

Moreover, the Chinese government, particularly the Ministry of Industry and Information of the People’s Republic of China, announced the change of the registration procedure in September 2019. This department did not stipulate, which companies would handle the face-scanning technologies and facilities for mobile operators. However, some people have ideas which of them play some important roles in registering and scanning the faces of the customers. Megvii, Yitu, or SenseTime Companies, for example, are available to execute the registration and face scanning processes, but they wait for further instructions.

What is more, many companies would send some text messages to the people or residents and make some rectifications in agreements. As expected, Megvii, Yitu, or SenseTime Companies can take charge of executing the registration and face scanning processes since these firms served as the world-leading AI technological providers of facial and voice recognition software in the country.

Indeed, the question remained available. Would you like to get your face scanned when buying SIM cards? For me, your answers would depend on your ideological and philosophical views. You all have the right to speak up your mind and your ability to declare your opinions. If you think your rights re not violated, then support the face scanning process. If not, you have the option to ask and question your government why face scanning is necessary.

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iPhone 11 To Collect Data Info without Permission

The emergence of Apple Electronics has created the world with plenty of networks and opportunities. The production of iPhones from Apple Electronics, for instance, has thrived to beat the market and destroy other electronic companies. The splendid features of iPhones, depending on models and units, would create valuable benefits among users. According to the Cupertino Company, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro would collect location data without the owners’ permission since these technologies did only operate within their design and scope.

Journalist Brian Krebs, a security expert, indicated that Apple Electronics could send location data or information without asking permission. This news produced questions about how Apple Electronics would violate privacy and secrecy. Apple Company, according to Krebs, pointed out that the privacy policy of the company remained. However, the collection of information on mobile phone users may vary when the users would deactivate their location services. Of course, Apple Electronics did, however, attempt to respond and that collection of information without permission could not pose any threat to users and their rights to privacy.

After the publication of the article, Apple Electronics Executives on KrebsOnSecurity would provide details to explain why the company did consider such action – a collection of location data. He said that the Latest iPhone models could only use some ultra-broadband technology and that it would provide devices with spatial alertness to allow them to trace other devices with comparable structures and technologies. Krebs pointed out that other users could use a new feature of the phone called sharing files wirelessly through Airdrops or that they could use them to survive. Rumors were true. These new pieces of technology could be a part of the Find My iPhone features

Indeed, Apple collected some amount of data from the users due to the new feature called ultra-broadband technology. According to a report, this ultra-broadband technology is the industry-standard technology for Apple to secure its operations. It would become part of the international regulatory requirements before the phones could operate. On the other hand, Krebs mentioned that the ultra-broadband technologies were intended for data collection and that these technologies would never infringe individual rights. These technologies just existed by design. In the end, this idea would only mean that the use of iOS and the demand to ask for the location services would only help determine the capability requirements of the phone products.

In the end, iPhone 11 models offered new features and functions among users. The design of the iPhone 11 to ask for a location without permission did not pose any threat among others. If iPhone 11 could prohibit the specific locations, it, at last, introduced ultra-broadband technology as a customer requirement to comply with the regulations

Nokia 3310, iPhone 11, & Samsung S10 on Durability Test

Would you try to use your phones to determine which one lasts long and survives through a perfect disaster like an accidental fall? If you wish to know the answer, which phones survive, you need to do this – dropping Nokia 3310, iPhone 11, and Samsung S10 from a helicopter. Which phone do you think can survive and last long?

A challenging yet demanding trial conducted by several vloggers from the YouTube channel called How Ridiculous reveals the durability of the smartphones. Vloggers posted a video when they tested three phones, such as iPhone 11, Samsung S10, and the famed and indestructible classic Nokia 3310, and released them from a helicopter. The result of the experiment revealed that Nokia 3310 survived.

Here could be the catch! These bloggers noted the height and altitude levels of the helicopter were in 50, 76, 152, 228, and 304 meters. Observers and vloggers made this video vibrant to see how this experimentation materialized. From a three-hundred-meter height to the ground, vloggers reinvigorated spectators to see how the test managed. As vloggers plunged these three phones on the ground, they, of course, observed and see the results.

Based on the initial observation, the historical Nokia 3310 survived the fall and remained workable until the last phase of the test. Based on the observation, only Nokia 3310 managed to survive from the terrifying fall. Bloggers managed to check the features of the phone like the Snake Game in Nokia 3310 and revealed that it functioned appropriately despite the crash experiment.

In terms of the three-hundred-meter madness, the flagship phone Nokia 3310 thrived the test. The protective covering and the phone cases of the phone added extra credits as Nokia 3310 survived the long process of crash test.

Even if the smartphones worked as common and even if the screen of the iPhone 11 stayed intact, they had cracks and scratches. Samsung’s device, like the camera, got damaged either. Upon seeing Nokia 3310, all parts of the phones remained in place. To get the most hype points, vloggers reiterated the experiment and found the same result. So, you better decide now! Do you wish to buy durable phones or the fancy and more exquisite ones?

She Needs Space (Nanginahanglan Siya’g Espasyo)

Kung ang imong uyab gusto na ug espasyo, usa lang ang gusto niya. She wants to end her relationship with you. Gusto na niyang makigbulag sa imoha kay dili na siguro niya makaya makig-uban pa kanimo. Maybe, she has seen someone else, that is why, she wants to escape her current relationship with you, diba? Dautan usab kaayo kung mao kana ang rason. Makigbulag lang kay naa nay lain. Kundatan lang gyud. Dah, tan-awa. Nangasaba na ang lola. So, sa gusto nimo ug sa dili, gusto na niya nga magbulag na. Para mawagtang na o mawala ka sa iyahang kinabuhi kay nasumhan na siya nimo. Sige na siguro mo ug friend chicken ug lechon belly mga ma-order lang sa ila ni…. Bawal mag-mention ug name kay wala sila nag-sponsor ani nga article. Di-ay, gusto na niya makigbulag nimo kay wala na siyay gusto. Painful, isn’t it?

Pero, sa panahon nga bag-o pa kamo nga manag-uyab, ngano man nga wala ka kabalo sa iyang batasan. Kung nakabalo naka sa unang date pa lang, naa naka idea unsa iyaha disposisyon sa kinabuhi. Unsa man di-ay ang unang nahitabo sa unang date. Wala lugar mo nag-storya. nag-ginunitay ra di-ay mo sa kamot. Pag-gunit sa kamot, nakoryente kamong duha. Nakatulog kamo, ug sa pagmata, Inn or Hotel na? Sala man sab na nimo? In the first place, sa panag-uyab palang ninyo kadtong bag-o, nakigbulag naka kay ma-feel man gyud na nimo. In other words, nakabalo naka kung kinsa siya. Dili man siguro ka buta ug bungol, dba? Dah, nasuko na usab si lola. Makit-an mana gyud nga differences sa tawo sa unang panag-uban pa lang. Ayaw ug palag kay ga-research sab ko ba about it. Dah, palaban ang lola. Hehe! Kabalo ka sa tanan kung unsa ug kinsa siya apil na sa iyang batasan. Ngano ipilit pa man gyud pud nimo ang imong gusto kung dili na siya?

Manghulga pa gyud ka pasakitan nimo siya o imo siyang patyon. Kung ingon ana, sakto lang diay nga makigbulag na ang imong uyab kay, in the end, harsh man di-ay ka.

Ang tawo man gud pag gusto na ug kalinaw o espasyo, gusto na nila makahuna-huna sa angay nilang pagabuhaton. Tinood nga ang uban gusto sila maghuna-huna kung ipadayon pa ba ang ilahang relasyon sa ilahang partner. Pero, kung bug-at gani na bitaw ang ilang gibati sa kinabuhi ug naupos na pud nila ang ilang pasensya, mangita na kana sila ug space. Mao kana nga mangayo na sila ug space sa imo.

For me, ang pagpangayo ug espasyo can be one of the intriguing, yet subtle ways of ending a relationship. Para dili sakit pamati-on, space lang ang ilang gusto. Pero ang tinood, mo-exit na sila. If you ask why someone needs space, syempre, kabalo naka. Just let go. Sakit man, pero let her go. Ang tinood nga gugma, i-let go ang ilahang mahal sa kinabuhi. Ug usa pa, ayaw ipamugos ang imong kaugalingon. Kung nasayangan ka sa panahon ug sa inyong memories, mubalik ra man ang kana nga memories pero sa lain lang nga tawo. Kung nasayangan ka sa imong nagasto, apil na man kana sa panag-uyab. Usa pa, nakipag-tsoktsaktsinis na man sab ka, so, isipin mo na lang, okay lang yan.

Learn this! Most women who get asphyxiated by men’s machismo and superiority complex these days wish to end their relationships instantly. Lawom na kana nga termino ha – asphyxiated, meaning – suffocated. Dili sila magdugay nimo. So, wake up, Dear. It is year 2020, and women do not care anymore about those sweet lies and promises. Labi na gyud kung sige lang ka ug dula ug mobile legends, dota, ug unsa pa man. Gadula lugar ka ug nag-enjoy, tapos imong uyab ga-nganga. Pastilan! Women get easily bored of hearing those attitudes and those mind-numbing and hackneyed anecdotes and puns. Gusto na nila ug freedom kay dili na sila ganahan sa tawo nga unresponsive and insensitive to their feelings. Kung ikaw pangutan-on, ngano magdugay man sila sa imo? Peace!

Sa katapusan, nganong nanginahanglan man ang imong uyab ug espasyo? Gusto na ba usab nila makigbulag nimo?

Kung mao di-ay kana. Let go!

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3 Useful Things to Do After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has strangled us for months. We just wanted to go outside, but the government compelled us to follow the stern stay-at-home policy. Due to several restriction policies, such as social distancing or one meter apart, stay at home, and other COVID-19 jargon, we learned to adjust to our regimens. Then, we had so much in our minds. We thought about many things on the side. We have been thinking about how we could recuperate from extreme losses – jobs and other resources. The stimulus packages that the government leaders should give have gone out of contexts of the discussions among politicians. They might have gone out of nowhere. This government action seemed to fail. As a result, many would suffer.

Over three months or so, most Filipinos failed to find their means and ways to stay active and alive at the present debacles. Many lost their hopes and even wondered how everything changed from normal to new normal. That is to say, COVID-19 has shattered our lives – even our small dreams. We struggled so much in life that surviving from the COVID-19 pandemic would mean a lot to us. Of course, we suffered much enough that smothered most of the economic, political, and social activities. We lost the courage to shop, to participate in the political actions, and to socialize. The fact is, we have been confronting the inevitable mayhem worldwide that we nearly lost ourselves. Some people killed themselves out of depression and poverty. Others wished to try to kill themselves due to restlessness. As government leaders lost their battles to fight the coronavirus, we failed to fight our battles, too, to survive.

Now, we have been thinking of possible solutions to respond to the crisis. We could not resolve it through dancing on TikTok. What? Why TikTok? It seemed funny though that some people wanted to escape from misery in life through Tiktok fever – that is, you have to make moves or steps using your phones and post them on Facebook. But then again, we had to resolve the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we did not know how to do it. We have only seen horrors of fears, losses, and all despite the economic decay. However, after the COVID-19, we could try to stand and do something better than our routine, should we say, the new normal. After the COVID-19, we could do the following:

Build a Small Business

We, Filipino people, could be entrepreneurs. We could cook something to sell in the community. With small financial capital, we could think of something beneficial and marketable to run our businesses. We only needed to focus on the food businesses to dominate the local markets. Additionally, we could target our customers from various offices and institutions and sell our food products to them. We could also do garage sales if we needed to earn. What is more, if we had fruits and vegetables in our community, we could sell them. In the end, we could provide services, such as academic support, tutorial, and more to customers to grow after the pandemic.

Find Jobs in Both Brick-And-Mortar and Online Companies

Some people did not want to work with others. So, they chose to work online. Various companies abroad have been hiring Filipinos today. However, if we like the idea of teamwork, we can work with others. We could still find jobs  at the  brick-and-mortar institutions in the city despite the economic collapse. Many companies these days would still require workers to deliver their products and services. So, we could apply to the different jobs if we managed to be whomever we wanted to be. We could find hundreds of thousands of jobs here who needed jobs.

Prepare to Go Overseas

After the COVID-19, we still need to reconsider the plans to go abroad. The pay there would be twice as higher than the salary in the Philippines. We could, also, check various websites regarding hiring companies overseas. For example, we can check mynimo.com, workabroad.ph, bestjobs.com, and more. Once we had the Internet and a laptop to apply, we could begin finding jobs, get those jobs, and maintain to survive from the given jobs in the process.

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Maestro ang Akong Uyab Part 1

Ako si Dina. Ingon sa akong mga amega, ang saktong pangalan daw nako kay Dina Natuto. Nakasulti sila ana tungod sa nahitabo nako.

Aduna koy uyab sa una. Gwapo nga Maestro sa mathematics. Pero, nagbulag mi tungod kay layo kayo ang agwat sa among edad. Ako kinse; siya binte-singko. Pero para nako sa una, match daw kami. Kahinumdom pa ba kamo sa dula nga flames – kana bitaw i-match nimo ang inyong mga pangalan tapos ang mga letra sa inyong mga pangalan adunay meaning gamit ang F-L-A-M-E-S?

Ingon ana. Nabuang ko sa una tungod anang dulaa. Pero sa paglabay sa tulo ka tuig, nabuang na usab ako. Nahigugma na pud ko sa akong maestro sa college. Karon, desi-otso na akong edad; siya, traynta-uno.

Maestro ang akong uyab. Wala ko nanghambog ha. Nagsulti lang ko sa tinood. Maestro siya diri sa Misamis Oriental. Dili lang ko mag-mention ug name sa school kay naay maigo. Hello, wala ko gaingon nga naa si Dina sa USTP, TCC, or COC. Basta, taga-Misamis Oriental lang siya. Ug usa pa, kabalo na man sab mo nga gakahitabo man gyud ang teacher and student relationship. Nahitabo man kana nga relasyon sa hilom kay kuno, ingon nila, makauulaw. Kinsay gaingon? Peace!

Na-fall in love ko kay Sir tungod kay gwapo siya, humot, ug maskulado. Imagina kuno ninyo ang usa ka maskuladong lalaki, nagtindog sa imong atubangan, ga-lecture ug DNA and RNA, nasimhutan nimo ang mahalon niyang perfume, nakita nimo ang mahalon nga grano sa tela sa iyahang long-sleeve, ug nakasuot pa gyud siya sa brown niyang lapat na lapat nga pantalon. Nakakita ka sa gabutod sa iyang atubangan.

Unya, asa ka mutan-aw. Sa wala o sa tuo. Syempre, dili malikayan na makatan-aw ka sa iyang bukdo nga atubangan. Bukdo gyud kaayo. Medyo pi-ot iya pantalon. Busa makalingiw kag tan-aw sa wala ba o sa tuo para dili ka mabayot ug totok. Malibat ka ug pakarung-ingnon nga wala lang gatan-aw. Gapasumangil gyud ka ug lingi-lingi para lang dili ka makakita sa iyahang bukdo nga atubangan.

Pero, luhagan kaayo ang imong huna-huna. Ang dagan sa imong otok ming-abot na sa kintolimbo. Layo naka ug naabtan sa imong huna-huna hangtod sa nakita na nimo imong kaugalingon ug ang imong Sir nga nagdinaganay mo ug nagtampisaw kamong duha sa tubigan, diha sa kadagatan sa imong paghanduraw. Grabe gyud kalihok ang imong imahinasyon. Mao usab kana ang nahitabo nako. Perti gyud kalihokan. Ingon sa uban, gaki-at lang daw ko.

“Dina? What’s the answer?”


Hasta nakong kurata. Gipangutana na di-ay ko niya sa among lesson sa biology. Pero ang akong tubag “yes.” Grabe ka awkward. Dili ko kabalo kung mukatawa ba ko o dili. Basta nabatian lang nako ang dugo nga nanagan sa kaugatan sa akong nawong ug pati na gyud sa akong aping. Gusto ko mag-teleport adtong higayuna.

“Unsay yes?”

Nagkapuliki ko ug tubag. Nangatawa na ang tanan nakong classmates. Ambot lang kong nahalata ba nila. Basin nangatawa lang sila sa sayop nga answer. Or basin pud nangatawa sila kay nasakpan ko nila sa akong huna-huna. Wala koy labot sa akong tubag. Bahala na. Syempre pa-weekend na man sab busa dili na kaayo ulaw kay mulabay na man ang Sabado ug Dominggo wala akong mga classmates.

“Happy birthday, anak.” Ingon sa akong Mama. Birthday di-ay nako karon. Natunong pa gyud ug Dominggo. Gi-imbitar nako ako tanang classmates. Nangaon ming tanan sa handa ni mama ug papa. Pero gi-text nako si Sir nga birthday nako para maka-anha siya. Crush man gyud nako siya. Pero ako siya gi-ingnan nga unya nalang sa gabii siya muanhi kay naa pa ako classmates.

“What time?”

Inglesero kaayo si Sir. Maskin sa text kay English iya tubag. Tood pa di-ay, ikaduha na nako niyang text. Ang una, ako siyang gi-invite nga manuroy mi sa View Deck sa Claveria. Wala siya mingtunga kay ingon niya, nag-check daw siya ug papel. Ingon ko, mutabang ko ug check para mahuman. Pero ingon siya, kaya na daw niya. Ambot niya. Hard to get. Abi nako ug babae lang ang hard to get. Pero ako kay easy to get.

Kadyot lang ha, basin mangutana mo nganong aduna koy number ni Sir. Mao kini ang nahitabo. Akong gipangayo iyang number kay magtext lang ko kung naa ko pangutana sa assignments ug difficult topics. Ingon ana lang. Wala nay laing rason. Perti gayud ka desperada. Go lang ng go! Ug sa permiro, nagdumili siya muhatag sa iya number. Pero ako siyang gi-pugos. Walay ulaw, basin maunhan ko sa uban. Naa labay lain diha sa daplin nga gapa-nilap lang. Pak, ganern! What Dina wants, Dina gets. Charmos kaayo. Basta laban lang para sa ekonomiya.

“Dili man ko gabinuang Sir.”

Natandog siguro ang iyang ego kung sa psychology pa. Ug sa iyang pagtoo nga basin makaingon ko nga hugaw siya ug huna-huna, gihatag na lang niya ang iyang number. Mao naka-text ko sa iya karon. Nag-text ko nga birthday nako.

“Mga 7 PM Sir.” Ang akong tubag sa iyang pangutana sa text.

Ug sa dihang ming-abot si Sir. Naka-jogger pants lang siya nga color navy blue. Lapat na lapat ang jogger pants niya sa iyang dagko nga paa. Naka-white V-Neck shirt siya na lapat na lapat pud sa iyang sexy nga lawas. Naa siya tattoo. Wow, dagdag points sa ako. Mao di-ay ga-longsleeve siya sa klase namo. Tapos, minglingi ko sa akong igsoon na beki ug babaye, nakatan.aw di-ay pud sila. Naglaway si Mira. Nag-ihi ihi sa kanindot ni Sir. Perti ga yud sila makatutok. Nalibat si beki. Kung makatan-aw silang duha, murag gihubuan na nila si Sir sa ilang mga mata.

“Kinsa siya?” Ingon sa beki nga tingog sa akong luyo, ang akong bayot nga igsoon.

“Ang akong teacher sa Biology.” Ang akong tubag.

“Kanamit gid!” Ingon dayon siya samtang ang iyang mata halos mulugwa na sa iyang balayan. Nakapanglab-ok pa. Gi-uhaw! Minglingi ko sa toong bahin. Nakita nako ang akong igsoon nga babaye samtang gatulo ang iyang laway. “Mira, ang panyo girl.” Ako na siyang gi-ingnan nga trapuhan na niya ang ga-tulo niyang laway. Wala nakoy mahimo nila. Sige. Pag-imagine pa more. Basta ako, i-entertain nako sir Sir kay siya ang bisita. Ug siya ang akong atubangon ug silbihan. Charmos! Magpa-alila lang sa ko karon. Charot!

“Sir, salamat sa pagtambong sa party. Pero, ikaw nalang usa kay nanlakaw na akong mga classmates ug silingan.” Mao ang akong pasiuna nga istorya. Ingon sa tambay namong silingan, “istoryahe ko diri!”

“Wow! Okay kaayo. Para wala nay mag-saba sa lamisa.” Naka-smile si Sir. Ang iyang manga-ngipon nga puti kaayo nag-amag maskin pa sa ngitngit nga sala. Wala mi giputlan ug koryente ha. Unsa nalang kaha ang ikasulti sa tsismosa namong mga silingan. Gituyo lang namo nga ngitngit para tsada tan-awon ang salida. Ako dayon siyang gi-andaman ug pagkaon. Mingtabang dayon nako ang akong igsoon nga beki ug si Mira para mag-prepare kami sa foods samtang si Sir naa sa sala. Diha lang namo siya gipakaon para makakita siya sa movie nga The Next Three Days. Usa ni siya ka American thriller film adtong  2010 ni Paul Haggis nga ang gadala nga artista sina Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks. Maestro man gud si Russell Crowe basin maka-relate si Sir.

Nagkaon na si Sir. Mingaw kaayo ang sala. Tingog lang ni Russell Crowe ug Elizabeth Banks lang ang ga-istorya.

“Happy Birthday, Dina.” Ang tingog nga ming-guba sa kahilom sa akong hunahuna sa sala samtang gakaon pa si Sir. Gwapo siya tan-awon nga gakaon. Wala siyay pakemi-kemi. Lalaking-lalaki kaayo. Tungod siguro sa mature na si Sir. Ako diri kuragan lang gyud. Kaon lang siya ng kaon hangtod nga ming-ingon siya nga busog na daw siya. Samtang ako ug ang akong igsoon, sige ug totok niya. Ga-nganga lang.

Ako siyang gipa-inom sa akong gipalit nga red wine. Mahalon ang red wine ha. Sa savings baya nako na para makapalit lang ko ug para naa koy mai-serve niya. At least, nag-effort sab ko.

“Wow! Wine.” Naka-smile si Sir. Medyo nahalata na niya. Ambot lang pero medyo nahalata na may gusto ko niya. Haha. Tinood man sab.

Gikidhatan ko niya. Ang iyang kidhat nagdala ug mensahe nga nag-ingon siya nga salamat. Minglingkod siya gamay sa sofa samtang nagtan-aw siya sa salida. Nakipagsulti dayon siya sa amo tulo ka manag-igsoon. Nangutana siya kung asa daw ang among ginikanan. Ingon ko naa sa kwarto sila mama ug papa kay gapahulay. Makipag-sulti daw siya sila. Busa nakulbaan ko. Basin mamalaye na siya. Haha. Ambisyosa. Dili di-ay. Ingon niya nga lain daw kaayo nga wala daw siya makipagsulti sa ako parents. Tigulang na man daw siya busa makipagkita siya nila ni mama ug papa.

“Maayong gabii, Nay… Tay.” Ang iyang gi-ingon.

“Maayong gabii diha, Sir.” Wow, gi-briefing na nako ang akong parents oy. Ako silang giingnan nga mag-behave sila basta naa si Sir. Lahi man gud si Sir kay murag dili siya ga-joke. Bisan pa ug brusko nga gwapo siya tan.awon, maklaro nga gikan siya sa usa ka adunahang pamilya.  Usa pa, limited lang siya kung mangutana. Pero medyo nakahalata na pud sila mama ug papa. Nakahalata sila  nga mature na si sir ug naa koy gusto sa ako maestro. Pagkahuman nila magkasulti ni mama ug papa, nananghid na pud sila na magpahulay na sila kay gikapoy sila sa prepara sa pagkaon sa akong birthday. Pero, nakahalata si mama ug papa nga naa koy gusto sa ako maestro gyud. Mingkidhat man sab gud sila. Murag nagustuhan nila si Sir. Ako kaha, nagustuhan ba usab ako ni Sir? Ang ako daw nga mata kay gakislapkislap ingon ni Mama. Ingon pa sa akong Tita, babaeng uwagan daw ko. Pero joke ra kadto niya. Kinsa man gud ang dili ma-attract sa hitsuara sa akong maestro. Panit ug nawong palang, sud-an na. Hehe. Makakatawa gyud ka kung maghuna-huna kay lain na dayon musulod sa imong huna-huna. Gawas pa ni-ana, gatudlo siya ug biology. Makapangutana ngano ga-tudlo siya ug biology. Murag talag-saon kaayo nga lalaki mag-tudlo ug biology. Ang uban man gud kay mga babae ang teacher. Karon, kung imo siyang tan-awon, gwapo gyud kaayo siya. Murag dili lang siya biology teacher. Pero kay wala siguro available na subject para mag-tudlo sa iyaha field, busa ga-lecture nalang siya about biology. Kung manamit man gud siya, mura siya ug artista. Six feet and two inches tall, white complexion. May mga tattoo. Naka-trim ang mga balahibo sa iyahang hitsura. Taas kaayo ang ilong. Basta, mangurog ko kung makit-an nako siya. Labi na gyud sa klase, maka-in love ang iyahang pag-pronounce sa mga words. Ang iyahang deep voice kay murag pareha kang Chris Hemsworth kanang gadala sa Thor ba sa The Avengers ug sa Thor pud nga salida. Sakto kaayo si beki sa iyang gi-ingon nga kanamit gid.

Nagduha ka oras sa balay si Sir. Ako na siyang gihatod sa iyang motorbike sa kalsada atbang sa among balay.

Nakuratan si Sir. Ako mang gud siyang gigakos samtang nakalingkod siya sa iyang motorbike. Sa iyang pagka-kurat, na-plastar nako ang akong kamot sa iyang atubangan. Nakahikap ko ug humok nga butang. Naka-gunit na ba kamo ug sea cucumber? Ingon-ana kahumok. Gusto ko mangutana ug unsa kadto. Pero wala na lang. Gipaningot siya ug ang iyahang mga singot kay labaw pa sa Victoria Secret kahumot. Mura ko ug mabuang. Wala siya tingog kadtong ako siyang gigakos. Pero hugot lang akong pag-gakos sa iyaha para mabatian nako ang pitik sa iyahang kasingkasing bisan pag naa rako sa luyo nag-gakos. Mura ko ug naa sa Cloud 9 kay wala nakoy makita sa tanan – kami rang duha. Dili man sab ko makit-an sa ako mga igsoon ug ginikanan nga ga-gakos ko niya kay ngitngit man pud. So, naka-ingon ko sa self na sige pa, gakos pa more…

Kadtong iya nakong gi-atubang, iya nakong gigakos pud. Pero sa kadali lang kay basin naa siguro makakita. Teacher baya siya ug studyante ko. Tapos, naka-smile lang siya pagkahuman niya ug gakos sa ako. Wala pud siya nangutana ngano ako siyang gigakos. Kabalo ko nga kabalo siya na love nako siya. Pero, basin dili lang siya mahilig mangutana. Dili ko assuming ha. Daghan gaingon nako nga assuming daw ko.  Pero sige na lang. Kamo na ang mag-judge. Bawal laba ang judgmental ingon diha sa noon-time show sa GMA.

“Salamat sa pag-anhi sa akong birthday Sir.”

“Hehe. Salamat, pud.”

Pagka-lunes niana. Nagkita kami sa klase. Parang casual lang si Sir. Wala siyang reaksyon sa nahitabo namo adtong ni-aging gabii nga ako siyang gigakos. Wala gani nakabalo ang akong mga classmates nga nag-adto pud siya. Hilom lang ang tanan.

Nahuman na ang usa ka termino sa biology class namo. Gipasar ko ni Sir busa graduating nako. Pero dili na nako makakita ni Sir Bernard. Pero, okay lang. At least, nagkasulti man sab mi adtong birthday nako sa among balay. Nakagakos pa gyud ko niya. Kung dili man kami magkita sa fourth-year nako, okay na lang. Pero sakit sa akong dughan. Murag wala man gud gusto si Sir nako. Iyaha ra man siguro ko gitaga-an sa oras para malipay ko.

Karong fourth-year college nako, dili na nako siya maestro. Back subject ra man gud  nako kadto. Medyo laay kaayo kay wala nakoy inspirasyon. Usa pa, maestro si Sir. Basin sa iyahang huna-huna dili kami bagay sa usa ug usa. Pagkahuman sa akong klasi, maghulat ko ug jeep para diretso nako sakay paingon sa balay. Samtang paingon nako gate sa school, mingtingog ang akong cellphone.

“Dina, naa ko sa wala nga bahin sa gate. Medyo layo lang sa gate para dili ta makita sa mga tao.”

Nagtext si Sir. Ngano kaha. Birthday ba usab niya? Manan-aw ba kami ug sine? Mangadto na ba kami sa View Deck? Sa Mang-Inasal? Sa Jolibee? Daghan kaayo ang akong pangutana. Nanagna na lang ko. Pag-abot nako sa pwesto kung asa siya naghulat, nakita nako ang nakaparada niyang Hi-Lux. Ug ming-abre ang side door sa sakyanan.

“Sakay na!” Ang gi-ingon ni Sir.

…Atangi ang sumpay sa istorya nila ni Bernard ug Dina…

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Photo credit: Wallpapervip.com